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That’s All I’m Asking ….

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There are children going to sleep every night without one important necessity, a bed.
Studies have shown these children less likely to perform well in school and more likely to repeat 
this same situation with their own children when they grow up.   Won’t you help break the cycle?  
If you don’t have the time, can you spare a little money?  
Join me in supporting Beds for Kids a nonprofit, whose mission is to provide a bed and other essential 
furniture to every child and family in need in Charlotte, NC.  To read more about them click here!  
They are truly changing lives and you can to!
How can you help?
If you live in the Charlotte area, you can :
1) Volunteer 
2) Donate items- see list here
3) Host a fundraiser or bedding drive
4) Raise awareness in our community!
5) Drop sheet sets off at the warehouse
         6) If you are a designer you can sign up to be on our design team!
If you are not in the Charlotte Area but want to help:
1) donations or sheet sets can be mailed to 
3227 Chaucer Drive Charlotte,NC 28210
We are currently trying to collect 1000 sheet sets, the largest need is for
twin sets, but also need full, queen and king.  If you have an avenue for helping us
we would great appreciate your help! 
Please go to the Beds For Kids website and read about this wonderful mission of
 Tim Rowley,Brandon Holmes and Dan Forgarty.  
“Every child deserves a bed”
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We need your help!
 General Questions or For More Information Contact Us At:


Email: or Call: 980-422-1192


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This was a depart from my daily Interior Design blog, but something that is dear to my heart!
If you are visiting here for the first time please check back for interior design tips, advice and upcoming posts about projects and interesting finds!
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