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Funny Night….

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This “elegant and family friendly “kitchen belongs to Jeff and Andee Blauser of Atlanta, Ga.  It  is one of my all time favorite kitchens.  As far as I’m concerned every detail is perfect!   I am in love with the Barry Dixon chairs covered in aqua ultra suede.  The curvy shape of the chairs, the marble backsplash, banquette and leaded corner cabinet doors, add a touch of femininity and warmth to a space that is often cold and sterile.  I could go on and on about how much I love this kitchen designed by Beth Barfield Designs or  I can share a story about the night we went to my husband’s fraternity brother,  Alan’s 40th birthday “Disco” party and accidentally ended up at the Blauser’s wedding reception?   It was a classic example of misreading the date on the invitation!  The birthday party and reception were the same venue just held on different nights!  Imagine the looks we got, as we enter the country club, dressed in our  thrift shop “disco attire”, while the rest of the room was elegantly outfitted in evening gowns and tuxedos!  Too funny!    I wonder if Jeff and Andee knew they had wedding crashers?  That was so long ago, Jeff is now retired from the Braves, so I am sure if they did know, by now they have forgotten, but I haven’t!  That night is burned in my memory as one of my most embarrassing moments of all times!    We can chalk that up to “Lucy like” memories made with friends!   At least we still laugh today when we remember that night!
If you missed the article in Traditional Homes magazine or would like to be refreshed on the resources  click here to go to the article.  The rest of the home is as lovely as the kitchen!
Hope you are having a great Saturday.  I’m off to color some Easter eggs!
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