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A Most Unique Kitchen Island…

If the kitchen is the heart of the home and our goal is to gather there,
here is the answer to our way how to do just that….
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I am always in search of new ideas for kitchen designs.  Most of the time, kitchen design is dictated by the space and the needs of the family but one need that is a given in every kitchen is a place to gather for meals and conversation.  I keep a file of ideas with various options for my clients to ponder when beginning work.   Design Chic featured the work of Steve Herlong and Jim Hinshaw of Herlong Architects from Isle of Palms, SC on her blog yesterday.   Their work was so beautiful, I decided to check out the company website.    All I can say is,  “I was not disappointed!”   They have some really great projects in their portfolio.  This particular kitchen really appealed to me.  This design makes so much sense.  Not only does it gather the people in the kitchen around a central space, but it allows the person cooking to be part of the conversation.  I’ll bet there is storage in those panels too.  Can you picture this space in action?  
What do you think? 
Would it work with your family?
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