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Part 2 – “How to Get “The Look”

Thanks for stopping in for my “How to Get “The Look” series.
Yesterday’s post instructed you to find your “swoon room” photo
This was mine…
of course this is from another angle,
( don’t want to bore you!)
To see the exact one from yesterday or to see the first post
 in the series and my “knock off” room you can
or just scroll down to yesterday’s post…
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I was happy to get emails and comments from many of you about this post.  
It’s true that the knock off room does not have as many fabulous details as the original, but that is because it is too hard to layer in my program.   I will do a post on tablescapes and layering rooms in this series, so stay tuned for that.  I was basically recreating the base pieces to begin with.  The rest will follow!
Today’s post is about what to do once you find your “swoon room” photo
Now for those of you seasoned designer/decorator types, please feel free to comment with any other suggestions.  I’m gearing this post to my friends, who have asked me, 
 how to get the look themselves with step by step instructions….
I don’t want to make my posts too wordy so I am breaking them up…
are you still with me?  ok, good!
Next step….
Now that you have that photo in hand, you have to really study it!  Get out a pad of paper and a pen.  Jot down what you really like about the room.  Is it the color, the fabrics, the furniture, the arrangement?  May be the art, floors,carpet or rug?  Is the room feminine or masculine?  Is it a mix of both?  Look at the architectural features, are you drawn to woodwork, or windows?  
How bout the accessories, are they minimal or are they layered?  Draperies or no draperies? Is the room the same size or similar size to the room you are decorating?  Are there things about the room that you don’t like?  Do you have existing furniture/accessories that you have to work around or starting from scratch?   Once you really analyze the room, and write down everything you see, you will begin to realize  the necessary elements to recreate the look in your own room.  Now you’re getting somewhere!  You are on your path to getting the look you want!
On Monday, we will talk about how to find the right pieces for your room!
Here is “Fashion Fridays”  little fashion vibe for you!
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Now on to the real biz @ hand…..
Living for the weekend!!!!!!
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remember to stop and listen for the music!!!!
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Happy Friday!  Smile and make someone else smile
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