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How to End Divorce…

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It’s been a wonderful Sunday!  We had a great service at our church.  Our minister is amazing. 
He said something today that I found very insightful about marriage.  
Of course he always does…
Are you wondering what it was?  
He said “if you ever think that marrying someone will make you happy you are wrong”.  
Other people aren’t responsible for your happiness.” 
 He said “God gives us spouses is to teach us servanthood.”  
WOW!  What if everyone felt this way!  I think that thought alone would do away with divorce don’t you?  Marriage is never perfect no matter how much we love the other person, actually it is downright hard at times, but if we stopped and thought about ways to service the other person rather than fight, things would definitely go smoother, don’t you think?  This can be applied to other people not just our spouses too. 
He talked about how self centered we are and how servanthood teaches us to quit thinking of ourselves and think of the other person.  For example, when that car pulls over in my lane, instead of  fuming like I always do, I could just let it go or instead of being angry because someone jumped in front of me in the grocery line, I could just let it go.  In other words, realize that the world doesn’t revolve around me.  The minister didn’t say this but I personally think it also has something to do with not letting other people’s actions form your own.  The question is how hard is it to do this?  Love our neighbor?  After all, our spouse is our closest neighbor..
I think I need to just let it go more.  I don’t’ think we need to let people walk on us but I do think we need to realize when it really isn’t important to react.  Give grace…
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Hope you’ve had a relaxing day and are ready to tackle the week ahead!
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