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Objects of Interest…

I ventured to Chapel Hill, NC on Friday to check on the progress of 
my project there.  Along the way, I stopped at a couple
of shops. I find it intriguing to see what people chose for their shops. 
   A shop owner has  an allotted amount of space so, they have to choose 
carefully what they want to take up their real estate. Their choices tell
a story of what they find interesting and worthy.  Often times their choices are very personal. The average person has no idea the number of showrooms and lines a shop owner has to cull through to make these decisions.  
Here are a few of the things I discovered on my journey.  I wish I had taken photos of the interesting tables I purchased.  I was so excited, I left them at the project without photographing them,  so I can’t show you now but I will later.  I cannot wait to show you the house and all the things going on there.  It will be fun!
I found this antique putti from France in a little store called 
Dovecoat in Fearrington Village in Pittsboro.  Don’t you love
his sweet face.  I have always had a thing for angels but even more
so now.  Not sure where this little guy will 
go but may be in a grouping of objects in a bedroom?
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I loved these wooden lanterns.  I wanted to hang wooden lanterns on either side
of the master bed.  These would have been perfect.  They need wiring but
other than that they were great!  The only problem is I found out that
we cannot hang any lanterns because the wiring will not reach.  This is
what you run into when you are working with a house that is 197 years old.
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I found this painting at Rococo in Charlotte, NC.  I loved the colors!  The shop is owned by Cindy Caudle, who is a friend of mine.  She and her partner, Cathy  have
beautiful things.  Stop in and see for yourself!
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Here it is a picture of the painting in the house!  This is the dining room.
This is before the walls were painted.  It went so well with the
green mantle that I decided to keep the green mantle and
add brown to it!  It is so much more interesting two -toned.
Once the room is complete I will show you a picture!  
You can see where I was trying out whites on the wall?   
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The piece below was also at Dovecoat.  Sorry my picture is so dark
but if you look closely, the drawers are numbered 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
I thought this might be fun in the media room to store games and videos in.  
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Hope you enjoyed the bits and pieces of my shopping excursion.
More later….Enjoy your Sunday!
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