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Mother’s Day….

A Letter to My Mom,

Dear Mom,

It is hard to believe that 52 years of age, I am still a child.  Your child.  I am living proof that we never do grow up, at least, not in the eyes of our parents.  I didn’t understand some of the things you said and did until I became a parent of my own.  You gave me great advice!  Even when I didn’t take your advice and realized later how valuable it was, you never said “I told you so” (I would have) but you just let it go with a comment of “do whatever makes you happy.”  “All I want is for you to be happy “.  
The older I get the more I realize the truth of that wish.  Happiness is truly all we want for our children.  As a child, all we really need to be happy is for our parents to love us.  In a perfect world, there is happiness and love all around or is that just in Heaven?  I wish all children felt the love I did as a child.
Mom, you always gave us your best.  I am sure there were times when all you wanted to do was say “leave me alone, I am exhausted”but you didn’t. You always had that ability to jump up and do whatever was asked of you.   There were always clean clothes, delicious meals and a well planned itinerary.  I can remember spending hours in the car as you drove us to our various activities.  It seems we were always in need of a band instrument, a pair of dance tights, baseball glove or something that required a trip to town which was an hour away.  You just smiled and drove us to wherever we needed to go.  
We were the lucky kids, the one whose mom was the president of the PTA so she could be informed about what went on at school.  The brownie scout leader, because if you had not been, there wouldn’t have been a brownie troop.  Our clothes were ironed and we had shoes that fit and clean sheets to sleep on.  Our house ran like a well oil machine because of you.  There was never a feeling lacking. 
Your love didn’t stop with us.  You shared with the church, taking care of your elderly parents and the neighbors.  To this day, I am amazed at how you can still cook for 100 people at the drop of a hat. How  you decorate the church fellowship hall for a fundraiser yet, have time to drive with daddy to his doctor appointment, hours away, all in the same day.   
When my babies were born, you were there to celebrate with me.  When my oldest died, you were there to hold me up and give me strength.  You taught me to love God and my fellowman.  
For all these things, I thank you, I love you and I praise you this Mother’s Day 2011.  I won’t be able to be with you physically but I will certainly spend the day reflecting and cherishing memories of times we have spent together.  I look forward to the many more memories we have yet to make.
I love you Mom and I always will, til death do us part….and then, I will look forward to joining you in eternity….I will know how to find you……You will be the one cooking for the banquet!
I love you, Lisa
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 I saw this on a blog this morning.  I have searched and searched 
 to find the person to credit, but unfortunately, I cannot find it.  Mystery blogger,please don’t sue me, I am sorry!
 I love this saying and the way it is done, so I had to borrow….


It’s almost here!!!  
Mother’s Day!!!
The day that Mothers everywhere are honored!!!  Woohoo!!!  
No Sports for 24 hrs!!!  haha!! (Just kidding!) 
Couldn’t be possible in my house with two boys and a hubby!
My daughter is away at college, so I am totally out numbered on the tv front!  My daughter was here last weekend and gave
me the most beautiful flowers and a lovely gift card 
to get my nails done! It really touched my heart for her to remember me!  She’s a sweetie! I have felt  special all week because of her thoughtfulness.  It is amazing what the gesture of being recognized by your children can do for your soul…
Make sure you take a minute
 to let the Mother in your life know 
how very much she means to you…


Here is my top #10 list of ideas I think Mom would love…
I personally want this….
If you have an Ipad you want too, you just don’t know it yet…
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Zagg Mate case and keyboard with bluetooth for IPAD
Make from titanium, so if you drop your Ipad it won’t crash
into a million pieces.  The keyboard turns your Ipad into
a regular computer.  You can buy online, but rumor
has it that it’s available at Bed, Bath and Beyond, so check it out!
To make sure I’m not disappointed… 
 I will purchase myself in the next couple of days!
(I learned this trick a long time ago!)
#2.  Jewelry(I know it is cliche but hey, we love it)
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Jude Frances Jewelry

Girls cannot get enough bling!!!
Jewelry always fits!!!
If the real stuff is too pricey and
 you want this look in costume jewelry
you can go Here!
#3. Gift Certificate/Cards 
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Always a safe bet! 
Favorite spa, nail salon, book store, garden center,
clothing store or anywhere she likes to shop!
Or if you want to be more creative and thoughtful….
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deborah lippmann

“Naked”  $16.00
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Barnes & Noble

Don’t just give her a gift certificate to have her nails done…
Go a step further and pick a polish color or a 
garden tool or a book for her to unwrap with the certificate.
#4. Perfume
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Nordstrom $95

Perfume is another obvious choice, but again 
a winner!  Especially when picked out by our “man”!  Whatever you do, don’t ask her mother or your sister for ideas… take yourself over to the perfume counter and find a
scent you like, if it isn’t her favorite, she can return it.
At least you gave it your best shot and you will 
get brownie points for your effort!
 umhhh, which one to buy….
How about Hanae Mori Eau de Collection No 3
Rich heritage, chic present and beautiful future in each unforgettable spray. Three are the natural energy 
sources—sun, wind and air—that power one-third of its making. 
Three are the words in the greatest statement in life and giving: 
….I love you.
#5. Spa Service/Day
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Relaxing spa time is always a big hit…
Pick her favorite spa and her favorite service.  
You make it more special by tucking the gift certificate into a
beautifully wrapped box with….
 Tory Burch Amazon Snake Print Thora Sandal…
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Tory Burch

Available in several colors $125.00
Modeling these on her way home from the spa,
she can admire her freshly manicured toes!
If  budget is an issue, you can get the same 
effect from these Tory Burch flip flops..
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Tory Burch

Available in Dark Orange or Light Green $45.00
These will be a pool or beach favorite.  
Everyone needs a fresh pair!
Sales from the Tory Burch Signature Flip Flop 
 benefits the Tory Burch Foundation 
which provides for economic 
opportunities for women and their families.
So you are actually honoring women everywhere
with their purchase!
These are great as a gift by themselves!
#6.  Great Scarf
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Not just any scarf but a “special” scarf
like this beautiful Pucci!
#7 Designer Sunglasses
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Pucci Sunglasses $299

Not just any glasses but some she wouldn’t buy for herself,
if you fish around, you can probably find out which ones they are, I am sure she has already tried them on, just didn’t buy them….
#8.  Candles
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Tocca Cleopatra candle $38
After all she should be queen for a day!
#9 Flowers
If all else fails…..
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Send Flowers! 
Do you know what her favorite kind of flowers are?
or go to the garden center and buy a flower…
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This one is called “Mother’s Love”
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This one would be my pick
it is called “Stairway to Heaven”
The bottom line here is thought…
Moms really don’t care if they get a gift or not but
really do care if “thought” is put into “their day”
When I was a child, we would cook our mother breakfast and try to serve her in bed which was always a fiasco but made great memories and a mess in the kitchen.  Of course she always got the obligatoryhomemade card, which was the favorite gift of all.
Fashions change, fragrances change, people change, 
 but the one thing that remains the same….
The Favorite gift is still….
#10  The Homemade Card….
We still want that homemade card…
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Mother’s Day Card

Of course attach that homemade card 
 to one of the great gifts above….
and if my chance, you choose not to follow my gift suggestion list the golden rule to abide by when selecting your gift is
 “Nothing with a cord” unless she specifically asked for it!
clip on the line
(Print and leave the above list on your hubby’s desk….)
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