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Heimtextil 2019 Preview –Trends & Global Sourcing

I am so excited to announce that I have been invited to attend Heimtextil in Frankfurt, Germany January 8-11, 2019 as an interior designer/journalist to cover the show.  I have been aware of this show for quite some time and have always felt as a designer, I should be attending the show, but for some reason or another the timing never worked out with my work schedule.  As a designer, I use textiles on a daily basis in my work so knowing what is going on in the textile industry is essential to my knowledge as a designer.  Not attending Heimtextil forces me to rely on other people opinions for what’s trending or available in the industry which is never as good as seeing for yourself.     In April when I attended High Point Market, I had the opportunity to have dinner with Olaf Schmidt, Vice President Textiles and Textile Technologies, Messe Frankfurt.  It was fascinating hearing Olaf share about Heimtextil and honestly made me want to attend in January 2019 even more than ever.  Imagine my surprise and excitement when I received an invitation to attend Heimtextil in 2019!   I so am looking forward to this show and the relationships that may develop as a result of attending.  

Heimtextil which translated in English means “Frankfurt Trade Fair, is the largest trade fair for home and contract textiles in the world and hosts approximately 70,000 international visitors and over 3,000 exhibitors from five continents in Frankfurt, Germany each January.   It is Heimtextil who lead the way with the coming trends, latest products, and cutting-edge technology in textile design for the world. The fair is hosted by Messe Frankfurt, which is the world’s leading trade fair and event organizer with a global network that hosts over 130 trade fairs, like Heimtextil, each year around the world.  I had the privilege of attending Ambiente’ with Modenus in February 2015 at this very place, so I am familiar with the fair site which is massive in size.

Are You Intrigued to Learn More About Heimtextil and What’s Happening at This Year’s Fair?

If you have never heard of Heimtextil, I am sure you are asking yourself who comes to Heimtextil and the answer is anyone and everyone who works with textiles in any capacity.    If you are a residential or commercial interior designer, architects, retailer, editor or journalist, product developer, design influencer or trend caster you should be attending this fair.  This is the place to spot trends, source new products, see what everyone is offering and most importantly to network with others in the textile industry.  


As I mentioned prior, Heimtextil has become an important show for determining trends in the textile industry. This is one of the areas  I am most interested in experiencing as a designer.   The trend report book that is compiled each year and presented at the show is the holy grail for the textile industry. This year’s Trend Report is entitled “Toward Utopia” with five major themes represented in the trend book: Purse Play, Seek Sanctuary, Go Off-Grid, Escape Reality and Embrace Indulgence.

 The trend report is put together by a group of international design firms who study important trends internationally.  This report serves as a roadmap for designers, decorators, and product developers in our industry.   I will be sharing more about it in coming blog posts.

It has been my experience that the trends in the home and fashion industry are first introduced in Europe then eventually trickle down to the United States so I am so anxious to see what is debuted at Heimtextil. I know that being at Heimtextil will give me a first-hand view of what is coming down the pipeline for my industry and is essential to my work. 

Click Here to View a Video About Heimtextil

  • If You cannot go to the show yet would like to order the Heimtextil Book, you may order it by clicking here for 75 euros.  The 2019/20 theme is Toward Utopia was developed with the following idea: 

    “Today’s consumers are living by new standards. Craving escape from complex lifestyles, they are seeking deeper connections, spiritual affirmation and a sense of meaning…we are looking to lead meaningful, considered lives built on positive connections. Taking personal responsibility for how we live, we are striving toward lifestyles that complement our personal belief systems.  In short, we are seeking a new utopia — a society organized to benefit all it’s citizens.”

    The five major themes represented in the trend book are Purse Play, Seek Sanctuary, Go Off-Grid, Escape Reality and Embrace Indulgence.  We will be discussing these more after the show.  I have read my trend report over and over and I must say I think it is very accurate!  This report is more than just choosing colors and fabrics it is developed according to the way we live and breathe.  This report is an in-depth approach to trend casting.

What Else I’ll Be Doing At The Show:

I cannot wait to comb the aisles in search of new products and technology.  This campus is so large,  I need to wear roller skates and travel fast to cover it all.  

As with any well-designed trade fair, there is always great educational opportunities which I am excited about attending.  I plan to take full advantage of the lecture series in the Interior Architecture Hospitality Expo Hall.  There will be lectures covering every topic imaginable on textiles from experts in the industry.  I’m psyched! To help make sure I don’t miss anything important I have already downloaded the Heimtextil app from the app store!  I hope it helps!  

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I am so excited to report my findings with all of you!  Whew!  There is going to be so much to see and explore! 

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I’m traveling with Jana Phipps aka Trim Queen and Jeanne Chung of Cozy Stylish Chic so make sure you follow them as well as we report from Heimtextil!   It is going to be an exciting time for us as we cover the show!

There is so much to learn and so much to see! I cannot wait to share more with you, but for now, I must get back to planning my trip!


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