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Lisa MendeAsk Me Anything….

Honestly, I get asked on a daily basis about a host of interior design subjects ranging from how to do showhouses to how to get published as well as many other topics.  While I love connecting with people and enjoy each and every conversation, the reality is each request takes me away from my work and clients, so I have decided to offer the service as part of my menu of services.  Innocently, one question from one person multiplied by 15 x a week = 15 hrs of my time per week.  Yes it takes an hour to answer a question because we all know I’m a long-winded Southerner and cannot be brief.  

 If you are interested in asking me for advice or picking my brain for an hour, please do!  I have been a designer since 1998, and have done almost anything and everything in the industry such as showhouses across the country as well as serving as a Brand Ambassador for many brands, been published both locally and nationally in some of the best shelter magazines in the country, all while running a thriving design business.  Are you stumped about how to grow your social media?  Do you need advice on how to find clients or build your brand?

I rebuilt the business that I stepped away from for three years in 2009 only to return to the industry with a greater vengeance.   In the past six years since I returned, I have learned so much about how to build a design business, grow my brand and be visible as well as connect with the right people in the industry.  I have served as my own Public Relations person and have built relationships with many in the industry.   While I personally haven’t hired PR I highly recommend it when the timing is right.  How do you know if the timing is right?  Ask me…I’ll tell you.  As a matter of fact, you can ask me anything.  There are so many topics that young as well as seasoned designers are dying to discuss.   I’ll be an open book and tell you everything I know.  Want to know the best way to navigate High Point Market?  Want to know if you should take clients to market and how to do it?  I’ll spill the beans.    Want me to serve as a design mentor for your young business?  Let’s chat.  

This service isn’t limited to designers!  If you are a home enthusiast, blogger/social media influencer, or just a consumer who wants advice, this is for you as well.  I’ll give you suggestions or listen to your decorating dilemmas, social media needs and weigh in with professional advice as much as I can over the phone. I can suggest solutions you can check out for yourself or I can offer specific advice.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not doing design over the phone, this is just for advice and conversation.  My regular design business is alive and kicking.  This is only for conversational advice!  The fee is reasonable.  

If you are interested in signing up for an hour of my time simply email me and I’ll tell you how we can connect!  I only have five spots for this service per month so if you are interested email at today!  


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