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High Point Market Recap 2017

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Life has been crazy since I returned from High Point.  I had to laugh the other day because one of my readers wrote to me and ask what happened to me!  I have not been blogging very much because my project load has been so heavy, but I have lots to share.  Let’s begin with a recap of High Point Market!
I was excited my dear friend, Ann Maine joined me at High Point.  We had a great time on the day of her arrival visiting showrooms.  Ann knows everyone in the industry so to walk around the market with Ann is like walking around with a celebrity.  Her years as Editor-In-Chief of Traditional Home Magazine introduced forged bonds with many companies so she has tons of friends at High Point. 
When I wasn’t walking around with Ann I was walking the beat as a Design Blogger.
I was also chosen to participate in Design Blogger’s Tour which is sponsored by Esteem Media which was quite fun.  What I love the most about being on the Design Bloggers Tour is how each designer hones in on different details.  When you visit a showroom with a group of people who love details and we point out things we like, so collectively no detail is left unmentioned.  This year group was especially fun!  We visited some of my favorite showrooms and saw many beautiful new collections from Emporium Home, Bernhardt, Universal, Bunny Williams, Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic, Theodore Alexander, The MT Company, Century, Crypton Home Fabric, Eastern Accents, Nathan Anthony, Bagley Mischka and Artefama.  I plan to share a blog post on each because I took too many pictures for one post!    I am so excited to share everything we saw!  

Here are some of the highlights of our blog tour visits:

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We visited The MT Company and enjoy tea time and saw so many things I liked in the
every collection.  I especially love the Dana Gibson line.  Dana loves color like I do and isn’t afraid to use it. The ottoman above is covered in a Chanel inspired fabric which added texture and panache to this seating area.  So many of their pieces were covered in high-performance Crypton fabrics which make this line great for families.  Do you love knowing you can finally have a white sofa and not worry about spills?  Thank you, Crypton!
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Fashion Designers Badgley Mischa introduced their new home line called  ” The Monterey Collection”  which includes lighting, upholstery, and accent furniture with hand-gilded metal structures.  Check out their collection here.
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Rachel Ashwell, the founder, of Shabby Chic, returned to High Point Market and introduced a new collection, after a long sabbatical.  Her collection looked fresher than ever!  Cannot wait to share!  Check out her new collection here!

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Bernhardt Furniture new “Faux Bois” collection was clean, crisp, and perfect for so many applications.  Every market, Bernhardt offers several new collections but this one happened to be my favorite.  I cannot wait to show you more from Bernhardt!  Visit their website to see more from Bernhardt!

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One of my absolute favorite venues to visit while shopping the High Point Market is Interhall!  There are always amazing discoveries to be made in Interhall.  This year was no exception!  I was excited to see The Bunny Williams Home Collection had made a return to High Point and was in Interhall along with so many other of my favorites!   I was thrilled to see Bunny back!  The collection looks amazing!  I especially loved this ottoman but there are so many great pieces, I will definitely be sharing more!  Visit Bunny Williams Home to see the complete collection!

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I always love everything Ashley Childers, owner of Emporium Home, introduces at High Point market.  Ashley is a little ball of fire with an incredible talent for design.  This market I fell hard for her amazing faux bois pieces.  This little side table would work so many places and adds just the right amount of style.  Visit Emporium Home’s website to see more!  Warning, it’s all so good you may hang out there for hours!  
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Universal Furniture has become one of my “go to” companies for my beach house projects as well as kids rooms, and basically any room of the home.  Their new intros at High Point Spring Market were exciting.  I especially loved the Alexander Jullian collection and will be sharing more about this collection from one of my favorite North Carolina born and bred designers!  Always nice when one of our own does so well in the industry.  I was so excited to finally meet Alexander Julian in the Universal showroom.  He as nice as he is talented which says a lot.  Visit Universal Furniture to see more Universal Furniture here!

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Another favorite showroom visit was to Nathan Anthony!  This company is incredible.  Look at the detail on this chair!  We had so much fun in this showroom.  We played a little game and learned about the amazing designs created by Tina Nicole and Khai Mai 
Founded in 2005, Nathan Anthony creates award-winning contemporary furnishings in its own design studio and furniture factory in Los Angeles, CA. Co-owner and principal designer Tina Nicole has been recognized for design excellence by The Design Society UK with two International Product Design Awards, several Best of Year Award nominations, and two Pinnacle Award nominations. Visit their website to see more here!!!  I was amazed at the creativity and craftsmanship of Nathan Anthony.  They can make anything!  I loved that they even upholster the underside of their furniture when necessary.  You ask why someone would do that?  Because they have glass floors or floors that can reflect the pattern under the furniture!  Yes, it is true!  I would have never thought of that but Tina and Khai do!  They think of every detail!  Make sure you check them out!

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Eastern Accents continued the excitement with new collections of beautiful bedding from Celerie Kemble.  I mean seriously, is there anything this designer can’t do?  I love everything she designs.  This collection was designed to work for adults as well as kids.  I loved the soft pinks offered as well as the crisp whites in bedding and pillows.  There is too much to single one item out.  I cannot pick a favorite here because it was all so fab.  Visit their website to see more new introductions here.

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Eastern Accents also owns Pandora’s Manor, which is a beautiful home in High Point which offers lodging.  The home has recently been redecorated by top designers and this market, Eastern Accents hosted a gala there and the Blog Tour was lucky to be included.  Shown here is the bedroom in Pandora’s Manor that was designed by The Madcap Cottage guys using Eastern accent bedding!  Isn’t it fabulous!  I hope to share more from the talented designers who revamped this Manor into a showplace.  Tobi Fairley, Barclay Butera, Celerie Kemble, Thom Felicia and Madcap did an amazing job!

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Crypton Home was another sponsor of our Blog Tour so we visit the JoyBird showroom to see furniture in my personal favorite fabric, Crypton!  If you are not using Crypton in your home or if you are a designer and not using them in your projects you are missing the train!  Now Crypton is available in so many wonderful fabrics.  It is soft, lux and so smart!  Spill your wine?  No problem!  Get lipstick on your sofa?  No problem.  Did your 5 yr old just draw on your favorite chair?  If it is covered in crypton, you are good!  Simply take a damp cloth and wipe it off.  I think crypton has saved many children and some adults from punishment!
When I introduce this product to my clients I call it “THE ah-mazing Crypton” and add that I feel like Superman did with his cryptonite when I use Crypton. Wanna learn more about crypton? visit their website here!  JoyBird was a new intro for me as well.  Learn more about this wonderful resource here!  Their showroom looked amazing. 

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Windsor Smith new collection “Alchemy” designed for Century Furniture was introduced this High Point Market and boy oh boy was it ah-mazing!  Here is one of the rooms she designed in her signature gray.  The designs as well as the textures, soothing palette and artfully curated grouping we a treat to the eye as well as comfy and cozy.  Check out all the pieces in the line here!  While you are there peruse the entire Century site to see the quality of furniture this company has been making for centuries.  This company is still a family-owned and run furniture company which is rare in our industry.  The younger generation works hard to maintain the quality, customer service, and craftsmanship which is what this company was founded upon.

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We enjoyed our visit to Huntington House Furniture.  Always so nice to visit their showroom and see what is new.  My absolute favorite sofa in their showroom is one called “the Heavenly sofa”.  It is named that because it feels so heavenly!  Shown above is one of their more tailored sofas but this sofa also sits very comfortably!  Huntington House is finely, handcrafted furniture made right here in North Carolina!  Visit their website to learn more!

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Artefama was a new resource for me although this company isn’t new.  It was founded 45 years ago! Recognized worldwide for accountability, quality design and also for respecting the FSC standards, this company’s commitment to social and ecological concerns is well respected throughout the industry.  Look for more from this company!  Shown here are the Medallion Dining chairs made of solid oak and upholstered in a gray fabric.  The chair is offered in two different colors, natural and cinnamon.  See more from Artefama here!
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Last but not least, we visited Theodore Alexander which is an absolute beautiful showroom and a treasure trove for designers!  We were introduced to their new “TA Custom finishes line” which is the answer to many designer’s prayers !  Pick your silhouette and then choose the paint color to custom create til your heart’s desire!  How fun is that?  We also had the pleasure of viewing Michael Berman’s newest introductions in his collection with Theodore Alexander which were just gorgeous! Visit their website to see more! 

Here are the members of our blogtour!

 Blog Tour Members for Market 2017
– Courtney Allison,
– Margot Austin,
– Nina Magon,
– Lisa Mende,– Nora Murphy,
– Michiel Perry,
– Jana Platina Phipps,
– Ruthie Staalsen,
– Laura Umansky,
– Rhoda Vickers,
 A Big Shout Out to Our Design Blog Tour Sponsors!
– Artefama Furniture,
– Bernhardt Furniture,
– Century Furniture,
– Crypton Home Fabric,
– Eastern Accents/Pandora’s Manor,,
– IMC – Interhall,
– Nathan Anthony Furniture,
– Rachel Ashwell,
– The MT Company,
– Theodore Alexander,
– Universal Furniture,
– Emporium Home
– Bagley Mischka
– Huntington House Furniture –
– Bunny Williams Home
– JoyBird

Thank you Esteem Media for allowing me to be on your fabulous tour!  I had a blast and cannot wait to share more about our adventures with my readers!

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