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I Recommend Maria Killam’s Specifying Color With Confidence Workshop!

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If you don’t already know Maria Killam, you may be living under a rock.  Maria is a color specialist and hails from Canada, but honestly, I think she is in the US more than Canada given the popularity and demand for her color workshop, “Specifying Color with Confidence.” 
This past April, I  had the opportunity to take Maria’s Class here in Charlotte before High Point Market.  As a designer for 20 years I  honestly wasn’t sure there was anything about color that I didn’t already know, but since Maria was my friend, I wanted to take the class.  I was surprised at how much I took away. I pride myself on having an expert color eye that has been honed through many years of practice as well as the age old trial and error, unfortunately.  I  can identify many colors from most designer paint lines because I know the colors so well from specifying them over the last two decades.  I cannot say enough about Maria’s class.  The class is perfect for the novice designer who needs more confidence on how to work with clients on choosing colors as well as the seasoned designer who desires to learn Maria’s system which cuts time out of the process of specifying colors.  I’ll give you a little tip…buy her color boards.  I would suggest buying her boards and taking the class but if you aren’t going to take the class buy the dang boards.  If you are a designer and don’t have them in your bag of tricks, you are missing out.  More on that later but for now, let’s chat about her class!

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This is a photo taken of our class in Charlotte, last April.  See me in the back standing up?  Yeah, I was the girl who arrived late because I had to check on client projects before class each day, but hey, I got there!
Our class consists of young designers, seasoned designers, home enthusiasts, color specifiers, shop owners, furniture painters and more.

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Maria loaded us up with many valuable color tools.  This beautiful color wheel was one of them.  I look like an average color wheel, but it isn’t.  I’m not going to tell you why and give away Maria’s secrets you will have to take her class to discover how this can help your business.

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While in the class we engaged in several hands-on exercises that helped Maria teach her method to us. The exercises were much fun and taught us how to explain color to clients in new ways.    I felt like I was in art camp for adults.  The workshop was a legitimate time away from the office to hone my skills about color.  I also benefitted from networking with other creatives.  I made several new contacts whom I have had the opportunity of connecting with since the class.
There were so many takeaways I have an entire notebook of information I wrote down while in the class which has been referenced several times since I took Maria’s class.

Why should you take Maria’s class?


  • Diagnose exactly what is going on, and what should be going on, when you walk into a home.
  • Know exactly where to begin, every time
  • Create a colour scheme that pulls the look of a home together
  • Distinguish undertones in complex neutrals and whites
  • Create a niche, specializing in colour
  • Become known as a True Colour Expert™!


Buy Maria’s Color Boards even if you cannot take the class.  Every designer should have these boards in their possession! These boards save you time and money, as well as make life so easier for you and your clients!  So now you are asking why we should limit ourselves to a certain number of boards.  I’ll let Maria explain that in a minute.  First, let’s discuss which boards you should purchase.  The Core Collection or the VIP Collection?
I highly recommend you invest in the full collection which includes the Core collection and the VIP Collection of 100 most popular neutrals, darks, and colors of paints used on the market.  The samples are large full poster board size but fit nicely in a travel tote for convenience and ease of transporting.  They are portable, lightweight and provide tons of options for safe color options you can specify for your clients. 
Why buy the boards? Why Not!
  But Don’t Take My Word for It, Here is Maria’s professional explanation    of why to buy the boards:
“The reason you will only need a limited number of colours is that it’s a System. After years of using large colour samples when choosing colour for clients, I noticed that there was a core collection that I used over and over again. This collection features the most useful colours for each of the nine undertone categories, so you’re covered. What this means is if you are trying to coordinate a neutral with tiles or stone or fabrics, 95% of the time, you’ll find it here.
So if you want to look and feel confident when specifying colour for your clients and/or for yourself, I have a limited number of sets of 50 samples that I’m selling for $299 (including delivery) anywhere in Canada or the US (Tax applicable for Canadian Residents).
They are all Benjamin Moore colours. That works out to $6.00 each. Last time I checked, buying a paint sample cost at least $6.99 – $10.00 never mind the time and cost of poster boards, rollers, etc. to make up your own. It took me 2 hours to paint 8 sample on my own a few months ago.”
Has this been your experience? Have you been back and forth to the paint store and spent too much effort choosing the right shade of paint for yourself or a client? We have all done it.  Even with the years of design experience I have I also was guilty of doing this before I got Maria’s boards.  Now I pull out the boards and can easily see the perfect color in minutes.  
Do Yourself a favor and invest in the color boards today!!!  
If you are interested in ordering the color boards, click here for more info.
If you order the color boards or take Maria’s Specifying Color with Confidence Class, please come back and tell me how much you liked it!  I want to hear from you!  Have you taken her class?  Leave your own personal testimonial on how much you liked the class!  
P.Sl Don’t you love how Maria spells “colour”?  It seems so much fancier than how Americans spell color!  She is def fancy like that!  So take Maria’s class and find out more about color from the true color expert, who happens to be one of the nicest people in the industry!

Transform The Way You See Color With Maria’s Workshop! Click Here to Sign Up or Get More Info!

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