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Be Powerful: Find Your Strength At Any Age by Liz Hillard

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I first saw Liz Hillard at a party in Charlotte.  She was hard to miss in the crowded room, standing stately and elegantly, in a flowing orange gown.  Her body was slim, but sculpted and fit.   She had a glow that most of us would kill to obtain at any age much less when one is over 50.  I asked another guest present, who she was and they replied, “Oh, that’s Liz, she is a personal trainer and owns a killer exercise studio with her daughter, Clary Hillard Gray.”  I immediately signed up at Hillard and continued working out there three times a week for about a year, until I fell in London and broke two ribs while walking and instagramming photos of London’s architecture!  (Yeah, I’m that girl)   Anyway, I got off track with Hillard and have since gained more weight and had some health issues, so I haven’t to return to their studio, The Hillard Method is located in Charlotte, NC with The Hillard Studio which I did and also another program called HSM/Core which utilizes the core-centric Lagree Fitness revolutionary M3S megaformer.


   I have been thinking lately of returning The Hillard Method.  No, I have promised myself that come January 2017, I am going to get back to Hillard.  It was the best, most intense exercise program I have ever taken. Live in Charlotte and wondering about Hillard?

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The Hillard Method and the book…..

The Hillard Method as described on the website is:
“Hilliard Studio Method® (HSM) is a transformative workout that incorporates weights, resistance bands, weighted balls and gliders with floor and barre work to sculpt and tone your entire body in 60 minutes.”
When I say it works, I mean it works!  I have really missed the program and have lately been thinking of returning to Hillard. I follow both Liz and Clary on instagram and often pop over to see what is going on in the studio.  Just recently they were in New York 
Imagine my surprise when I discovered Liz had written a book!
 It is called: 
I immediately order the book, and it arrived on my doorstep yesterday!  I haven’t stopped reading Be Powerful since it arrived.
What makes this book different from all the rest you ask?
For one, it is Liz’s personal story of how she found her inner strength to overcome one of her most challenging life events to empower others to find their authentic and most powerful selves.  There are the testimonials from students of The Hillard Method which offer insight into the many ages and types of students who subscribe to The Hillard Method.
 The book includes exercises you can do at home as well as the HSM(Hillard Studio Method) Signature Smoothie which is guaranteed to start your day out in a healthy, satisfying way.  Liz also shares healthy superfoods to add to your smoothie as well as tips and advice on healthy eating as well as a sample menu of what she considers a healthy diet while working out.
The bonus chapter on “Hillard Method Chiseled Arm Routine” is worth the price of the book alone!  I know women who have gone to Hillard just to get those chiseled arms for a special event or their daughter’s wedding!
The book is a quick read, but extremely motivating!  I highly recommend you order your copy today to help you get you through the holidays with a little secret weapon of how to be strong and stay focused on your health.  This time of year it is very tempting to indulge in too many sugary drinks or foods.  Be Powerful would also make a great gift for your girlfriends, sister, mother or anyone interested in being the best they can be whatever their age. 
If you live in Charlotte, make sure to try the Hillard Method, I promise you will be an HSM convert.  If you don’t live in Charlotte and want to try Hillard Method, Liz and Clary have videos you can access to try in the comfort of your own home.  Their method works.
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Clary and Liz in the Studio

Visit Hillard Method here to access videos, classes, and learn more about Liz Hillard and Clary Hillard Gray, owners of The Hillard Method. 
If you are in Charlotte, join me at Hillard!   Writing this post has made me want to get back on the Hillard Wagon next week instead of waiting til January. As Liz and Clary say, “Blah,Blah,Blah….go workout!  Please come join me there!  I’m sure my first few weeks won’t be very easy, but hey, I’ll keep my eye on the prize!  The nice part of Hillard is that you can exercise at your own pace which I wholeheartedly plan to do.
Want to get the book delivered to your door? Click Here!
I’m so proud of my hometown friend, Liz Hillard, she is a woman
to be admired!  She makes me want to be a better me.

I’ll leave you with a quote she used to open the book,

“The difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge while an ordinary man takes everything as a blessing or a curse.” 
 Don’t we all want to be warriors like Liz and Clary?”
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Liz Hillard daughter and business partner, Clary Hillard Gray

I have a strong suspicion that we are going to be reading about Liz and Clary on the pages of the top fitness journals in the country once this method is discovered nationally.  Heck, they already train celebrities so the rest is coming…
Buy the book and join me at Hillard!  
Let’s become our best selves yet!

Hillard Studio Address:


Hilliard Studio Method®
516 Fenton Place
Charlotte, North Carolina 28207 
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