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Bonjour from Paris with Huff Harrington !!

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Bonjour from Paris!!  I am in Paris on a buying trip with the ladies of Huff Harrington of Atlanta, Georgia.  I won the trip last year at the Design Bloggers Conference in Altanta, but couldn’t take the trip due to work constraints until now.  Meg and Ann have been taking groups to France on buying trips since 2011.  If you are interested in more info on their trips click here.  Ann grew up in Geneva and Meg has lived all over Europe.  Both ladies speak French fluently.  Ann and Meg know all the local favorites as well as all the hidden gems.  If you want the insider’s trip to buying in Paris, this is the trip for you!  There next trip is in September but sign up now so you can get a spot for an upcoming trip. Today is the second day of our shopping trip!  I must go to bed so I’ll be ready for a day of shopping tomorrow at the Puces!  Before I go I wanted to share a quick pic of my view from the apartment Traci Zeller and I are sharing in Paris.
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We love watching the Eiffel Tower twinkle every night from our window.  
This little apartment is a magical place.  Cannot wait to share everything I find.  If you want up to the minute shots make sure you follow me on instagram where I have been sharing our trip in real time!
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