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Modenus Blogtour Las Vegas/KBIS Here I Come!!!!

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I’m back home from fun times in Atlanta and repacking to head to the airport to Las Vegas!  I’m excited to be chosen to participate in Modenus Blogtour Vegas/KBIS, where I’ll be reporting new and exciting products in the kitchen and bath market.  We have a full slate of activities ahead of us so make sure you follow on instagram and don’t miss out on seeing the latest and greatest the show has to offer. 
Wondering What Modenus or Who is?
In their own words……
“The simplistic answer — Modenus is a comprehensive digital resource for design professionals and design enthusiasts. The better answer — Modenue is a one-stop-shop for all things design. They offer a carefully curated collection of the most inspiring and innovative new brands and products from around the world alongside editorials on everything that strikes them as worth sharing — from trends and event to cocktail recipes and holiday wish lists.  For professionals, they offer designer profiles that allow them to showcase their projects and passions among their extensive audience
Last, but not least, Modenus loves connecting people across the industry. Whether it’s client to designer, manufacturer to consumer, or blogger to fellow blogger; Modenus works daily to grow and enrich their considerable design community. They even take these relationships offline, augmenting their social media efforts with real-life meet-ups and BlogTours across the globe. They understand that sometimes 140 characters just isn’t enough and that getting some face time can mean the difference between an online acquaintance and a life-long friend. To sum it all up, and at the risk of sounding like a motivational poster, their main goal is to inspire and be inspired in return.”
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 If you are a designer, I highly recommend you make a profile on Modenus and take a little time to learn the site.  Veronika Miller, CEO of Modenus is one of the biggest promoters of interior designers in our industry.  She leads the pack when it comes to connecting designers with brands and also offering opportunities for designers to build their brand.
  I have learned so much from Veronika.  Want to be in on the top trends in our field?  Then you must be a part of Modenus today!  Designers Click Here to visit Modenus and learn how you can become part of the Modenus community.  If you are a vendor who wants to connect your products to the design community, there is no better way than becoming a partner of Modenus. Vendors Click Here to find out how! 
So back to Blogtour….What are we going to do in Vegas?  We plan to completely consume everything KBIS has to offer!  We will be visiting some of our favorite brands such as Thermador, TopKnobs, WilsonArt, Toto, Blanco, WoodMode, Mohawk and more to see all the newest in technology and innovation.  
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I’m excited to see these friends at KBIS who are the influencers who will be delivering the KBIS Trend Report 2016!!!
Make sure to follow me on instagram to see all the new products I find at KBIS!  Also, check out the hashtags #designhounds and #kbisselfies to see what’s up there!  It promises to be an informative week for all!!
Don’t forget to check out Modenus Today!
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