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Tobi Fairley, What’s In Your Bag?

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My guest this week for “What’s in Your Bag” is Tobi Fairley.  If you are in the design industry, Tobi needs no introduction.  For those of you who aren’t designers, many of you have heard of Tobi, but if you don’t know her name already, you will soon because she is becoming a household name. 
This talented Little Rock designer has designed beautiful interiors which have graced the cover of most of our country’s top shelter magazines.  She has created collections for well-known brands such as Soicher MarinCR Laine and just announced a new collaboration with The Woodbridge Company.  She was recently named the new spokesperson for Thermador Appliances, which we all know I love.  Along with all these accolades, Tobi also leads a successful consulting business where she mentors interior designers and other industry professionals.  I was in her Mastermind group for a couple of years and cannot say enough about how it helped me professionally.  I value my relationship with Tobi as a friend and mentor.  When I say this woman works hard, I mean she works hard! Because of Tobi’s work ethic and dedication to her business, I thought it would be fun to get her to spill the beans about what she does to relax and recharge.  This style maven gave me some great ideas of things I now need in my beach bag! 
 Let’s go find out what Tobi has in her bag and what she loves to do during her down time…
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1.  Do you like the beach or the pool?  If beach, what’s
 your favorite beach? 
Seaside/Watercolor in Florida. Just got back from 2 glorious weeks there. Definitely on my bucket list to buy a house there. I also love the pool and have one in my own back yard. 🙂
2. What’s your favorite beach /pool bag? 
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My new Scout beach bag is this pink and navy one that is super affordable but so great because it’s waterproof, and sand just slides right off of it. It is this cute striped one from Scout. The side pockets perfectly fit my Kindle for beach reading and my phone for grabbing when I need to snap a cute photo of my family. 
3.  What are necessities in your bag?
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Definitely my Kindle Paperwhite. The screen is made for reading with no glare or reflection in the sun. Also must have my iphone. Even though I unplug from emails at the beach, I snap photos and often post to instagram in real time. Other things in my bag are Neutrogena sunscreenSunbum aftersun lotion, my Tory Sunglasses, my Madagascar sun hat or my monogramed Barbara Cobb beach hat, my sand spike drink holder and a plethora of sand and water toys. 
4. What’s your favorite sunscreen?
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Neutrogena Wet Skin 70+ is the only sunscreen that doesn’t make my 10-year-old scream. It’s mild and doesn’t burn but works great for sun protection. We also love their face stick. It goes on your face like a deodorant stick. 
5.  Favorite bathing suit?
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This black and white classic suit from Gottex is my favorite I have this year.  And since it’s strapless I don’t get any crazy suntan lines. 
6. What is Your Favorite Coverup this Summer?
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Tory Burch Coverup
I am crazy about this Tory Burch animal print beach cover up
7 . Do you Have a Favorite hat?
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I actually have two favorite hats.  I love my Barbara Cobb monogrammed beach hat!

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I also adore my Madagascar Beach hat that comes in lots of colors.
It rolls us for easy storage in my beach bag.
8. Sunglasses for Summer 2015


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These are my favorite sunglasses. I especially love anything from Tori with a “T” logo on it since it’s my initial. And in orange, one of my favorite colors, these are perfect for me! 
9. What book(s) is in your bag?
Just finished reading a fabulous book called Carry-On Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton. It’s a must-read for any busy mom who thinks everyone has it together but her! 
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And now I am reading It Starts with Food…it’s the book by the creators of The Whole 30 food movement. It’s all about resetting your body with whole foods so you can optimize your health and stamina. 

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10. Favorite beach/pool shoes?
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The Tory thin enamel flip flop is perfect for the beach. It’s so comfy and easy to shower sand right off. I have them in black and I love that they are available in nude this year too! It’s my favorite summer shoe! 
11. Favorite drink on the beach or by the pool?
When I’m at the beach in Florida, I often enjoy a “Stress Free”
It’s has the perfect name, right? 
Watercolor Beach Club “Stress-Free” Drink:
New Amsterdam Vodka, DonQ Coconut Rum, peach schnapps, pineapple juice, cranberry juice
And for my “Stress-free” to keep the sand out, here is my must
 have drink holder 
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The Spiker drink holder is perfect for keeping your drink out of the sand as well as the sand out of your drink.  Its nice to stick your phone in too. 
And back at the beach house, I love a Jalapeño Margarita that I was introduced to by my BFF designer Denise McGaha.  To make it even more exciting, I love this recipe with my VERY favorite fruit Watermelon added to it compliments of Coastal Living Magazine
12. Favorite summer activity. 
We love the Seaside/Watercolor because there is SO much to do. We love biking around the quaint town. It’s beautiful and GREAT exercise. And speaking of exercise, I love going on my 5-mile walk with family or girlfriends every morning in Seaside. There’s something about ocean air, the view of the adorable beach cottages, and girl talk that makes exercise feel like anything but! 
And while in the ocean at the Watercolor Beach Club, we love riding the ocean waves on this fun and delicious inner tube from Big Mouth Toys, my daughter’s favorite of this 
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Of course we can never visit the adorable airstream trailer housing Seaside’s famed snow cone site Frost Bites too much! I love the coconut cream flavor and my daughter’s pick is Blue Raspberry. YUM! 
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And my other favorite summer activity is cooking big family breakfasts each morning and also cooking fresh seafood and veggies each night (preferably from the Seaside Farmer’s market) for friends and family. And of course a big ole yummy Watermelon for dessert.  It’s even better when our beach house has Thermador appliances so, my dishes come out perfectly every time! 🙂 

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Here is a picture of Tobi enjoying time at the beach with her family.

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I’m so happy Tobi decided to stick her toes in the sand and share the details with us.  Follow this design powerhouse on her social channels to see what new and exciting things she has coming down the pipe.
Tobi on instagramPinterestFacebook, and twitter
If you are a designer looking for a Mentor program, check out Tobi’s Mastermind program here.  If you want to ask me questions about the program email
Thank you, Tobi, for joining the fun and participating in “What’s in Your Bag” on Lisa Mende Design!
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