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Thermador Appliances, The Perfect Choice for The Traditional Home/Junior League of High Point Kitchen

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The Traditional Home and Junior League of High Point Showhouse closed yesterday.  I must admit I’m a little sad for it to be over, but I’m sure the Junior League is ready to resume life as usual.  Those ladies worked endless hours to make sure the show house was a success.  I would like to thank Mary Powell Delilles and Elizabeth Harris of the League, for helping with the three rooms I designed come together.   The kitchen is always the most intensive space to complete in a show house under a short period of time.  This kitchen was completely renovated in less than seven weeks.  I couldn’t be on location daily, so these ladies served as my eyes, ears and hands in making sure things progressed smoothly.   Thanks, Ladies, job well done! 
Ok, so I promised to tell you why I chose Thermador products for the kitchen.  Did you visit the showhouse?  If you do, you know one of the reasons I chose Thermador was because of how beautiful the appliances are, right?  Thermador appliances upped the “wow factor” in this kitchen for several reasons.  If you would like to know more about what I chose and why I chose Thermador, hop over to the Thermador blog and read the entire post I wrote for their blog here
Can you tell I am a HUGE fan of Thermador?
 Thank you Thermador for donating the appliances for my show house kitchen!  I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!  It would not have been possible without and my other room sponsors!  
Thank you to:
Cole & Son
Cotton & Quill
Donna Stanley of JD Stanley
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