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Introducing MDS Stripes Sportswear Collection by Mark D. Sikes

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M.D.S. Stripes is a new sportswear collection designed by interior designer, Mark D. Sikes of LA.  
This collection supports the theory that a designer can cross the line quite easily when designing interiors or fashion.  
 In this case, I mean ” horizontal lines” as in stripes.  Let’s just say the ole “zebra can change his stripes” or in Mark’s Sike’s case, the young de bonair designer can.”  A writer, I don’t profess to be, but “good design”, I know it when I see it.  This collection is good design!

Mark has taken the iconic simple stripe pattern he has come to be known for and created a collection of ready to wear with an appeal for women of all ages.  The only requirement to wearing the line is the owner must possess a desire to look chic, feminine and understated.   Let’s take a gander at some of the options: 

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I have been an admirer of Mark’s work for some time.  His eye for detail is impeccable, and his thoughtful approach to design is evident.  Not to mention that he is always one of the best-dressed men at every event he attends.
Mark has an All-American style that boast modern sensibilities yet beckons us to recall the elements of fabulous design from the past.  His design aesthetic is chic, classic and rememberable.  I would venture a guess that Jackie O would be a big fan of M.D.S. Stripes if she were here today.  Mark offers us the option to return to the glamour of yesteryear perfect meant a day on the yacht and drinks were sipped by the shore leisurely without regret.  It’s the life we all wish to lead, right? 
Want to feel classic and chic? Here’s a collection guaranteed to help you put together the right outfit to get the look. 
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The collection consists of tops, bottoms, dresses and even “made to order”.  The designs are thoughtful with signature couture details like MDS gold buttons.  The fabrics range from lightweight cotton knits to fine Italian cotton. 
The look is so casual Hollywood, even some of the tops are named for famous Hollywood icons such as Bacall, Hutton, Hepburn to name a few.
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There are currently four dress options in short and long versions.  The “Lee” is a favorite of mine.  I like the way it can be tied or worn loose.  Such an excellent option for the beach. 
It looked stunning on my friend, Paloma Contreras, who wore it at LCDQ.  She is a good friend of Mark’s and a perfect model for his new line with her classic beauty and graceful stature. 
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There are six bottom options ranging from short shorts to long flowing skirts.  I wish I could pull off the shorts, but I’m more apt to wear the Paley Pencil skirt.  If you can wear those short, buy them quickly because I have a feeling they will sell out fast!  They are hot,hot,hot!

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Mark included a few “thoughtful” accessories to include in the line.  I’m loving the MDS Signature scarf, which reminds me of my childhood.  I also like the totes, bucket bag and clutches, which are very reasonably priced.  Last but not least, he curated a select few pieces of simple gold jewelry to round out the collection.  

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As with everything Mark Sikes designs, this entire collection is well edited and well executed.  
I cannot wait to see what this man does next! 
 Off to order my MDS stripes! 
 Shop the website and keep up with the brand on Instagram @mdsstripes!
 If you order some for yourself, make sure to post a pic on instagram and hashtag #MDSStripes and tag me.
  I want to see what you bought!
Want to see Mark’s most recent work?
Kips Bay 2015  which has been the talk of
 the media.
As it so eloquently states on his website:
“Mark D. Sikes is dedicated to all things beautiful”
All photographs credit to Mark D Sikes website
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