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Tala Products, A Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

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I love to travel and experience other cultures.  I have been lucky over the past few years to travel through my work.  One of places high on my bucket list to visit is Morocco. 

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I love the thought of walking the streets of Morocco and perusing the sidewalk markets full of colorful clothing and textiles.

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I have always found inspiration in Moroccan tiles, doors, and architecture.  I dream of seeing all this beauty in person one day.  Unfortunately, a trip to Morocco isn’t currently on my calendar.  Luckily, Mr. Steam  has introduced a new product line that can bring a little taste of Morocco to me.  I love Mr. Steam products and dream of owning one of their luxious showers in my home, but for now, I’ll settle for their fabulous new product line, Tala.  Tala products are derived from the age-old Hamam ritual. 
Have you heard of Tala Bath and Body Products?   

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This is how Mr. Steam describes the Tala Line:

TALA Bath & Body Essential Oils, Clays, Scrubs, and Soaps 



The Arabic word “Hammam” translates as “bath” in English, which hearkens back to the Roman and Turkish baths of antiquity. Now Mr. Steam introduces Tala Bath & Body essential oils, clays, scrubs and soaps. TALA: “A palm, a cool fountain spring, a beam of a bright morning starlight… simply heavenly.”
You can embrace the full effect of TALA Bath & Body products by following the age-old Hamam ritual.
  • Begin by warming your body in the bath, shower, or steam
  • Prepare and apply the TALA Bath & Body Rhassoul Lava Clay – as a mask for skin or face, as an exfoliant, or to cleanse hair
  • Use the TALA Bath & Body Beldi Black Soap together with the Hammam Glove to soften and exfoliate the skin
  • After a relaxing shower, apply TALA Bath & Body Argan Oil directly to the skin, face and body, and massage
  • Every evening, massage Nadifi Argan Oil  Lotion generously on your face or body
Doesn’t this sound divine? Wouldn’t this be the best
 Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone?
 (Hope my hubby see this post!)
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Did I fail to mention it is already in a pretty red and white box!

Want to learn more about Tala Bath and Body Products?
Want to go all out for the total body experience and install a Mr. Steam shower in your home? It’s quite simple.

Click here to learn more about Mr. Steam and
their amazing product line.

Wondering where to buy these fab products? Click here to visit the website and purchase today!!!

I almost forget…today is #Mambo Monday over at Mr. Steam, Go to twitter, sign up to follow @Steamtherapy and post your best Mambo for Mr. Steam, don’t forget to tag them!

Order today if you want it for the 14TH!

If you don’t order in time for Valentine’s giving, go ahead
and order anyway. This product line is something we should treat ourselves to because it makes every day a special occasion.

Happy Mambo Monday Ya’ll!

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