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Ambiente Blogtour Frankfurt Here I Come!!!

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In less than a week, I leave for Frankfurt, Germany
 for Modenus Blog Tour Ambiente!  I cannot wait!
Ambiente is a consumer goods trade fair with 
products for dining, giving and living. I am 
 excited to see new products,  hot trends and
 draw inspiration from the show. There will be
 over 4,700 exhibitors from 89 countries,
 featuring a range of international consumer goods.
  Each year Ambiente a different partner country and
 this year it is the United States!  The lead US designer
for this year’s show partnership will be Scott Henderson
of New York.  Scott has drawn his inspiration from
the beautiful natural landscapes.  He plans to use
product from US exhibitors on tables to resemble
plants growing out of the ground.  He will use
famous US mailboxes for additional accents.
I cannot wait to see Scott’s exhibit.  
Here are some other products I look forward
to checking out at the show.

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Can’t wait to check out Bagsy, a clever idea of AdHoc design. An innovative closure for all bags in the kitchen. It can be installed to the opening of a bag thanks to a simple principle. 

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AppMyBox is another product I can’t wait to see at Ambiente.  This product may solve problems of disorganization. It is an app for iOS and Andriod, which can archive and retrieve things.  The storage boxes have a QR code for scanning with the app.  Everything stored can be archived in the app.  When scanned the QR Code, it recognizes what is in the box.  If you are trying to locate items, it can be searched within the app, and the app will tell you the location of what you are want to find.  Talk about saving time and frustration!  

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I cannot wait to see the table top collections!  Look at this picture I found on Ambiente’s website of beautiful china.  Aren’t the colors fun? 

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I’m looking forward to combing the aisles for new product lines.  I am also excited about seeing colors, patterns and textures offered.

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I plan to take a little break and enjoy a snack in the “Lifespace Lounge” designed by US Based designers Jason Miller and VeitStreitenberger.  
Want to meet all the design bloggers going on Blogtour Ambiente? 


Can you tell I’m excited about Modenus Blogtour Ambiente?  
I will be reporting while in Germany, so make sure to follow
on all my social channels.  
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