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Favorite Kitchen Faucets

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I’ve had a love affair with the Kohler Karbon faucet for quite a while now. I remember the first time I saw this faucet. If my memory serves me correctly my friend, Meredith Heron installed it in brass in her studio kitchen. This guy has a way of wooing all the ladies, just ask the fellow lurking in the background looking jealous.
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 I know you are probably laughing at me about now, but Karbon kicks the wow factor up a notch in my humble opinion.   I always think of the faucet as the jewelry in the kitchen.  It is somewhat of a focal point lording over the sink.  I  always found the commercial with the couple asking the architect to build their house around a faucet amusing, but in many respects it is a good starting point, especially in the kitchen.  It can set the tone for the room. 

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I also love the new Edwardian inspired design of the
 Artifacts collection from Kohler
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If like a bridge mount, the Parq, from Kohler is a lovely option. In fact, Kohler has so many fabulous options that sometimes it is hard to choose. When I am designing a kitchen, I often pick a couple of styles and let the homeowner decide which they prefer. Speaking of kitchens, I am working on a couple right now, so I need your help! Not only do you have to pick the style, but you also must choose your finish. Nowadays faucets come in a range of finish options, but the most popular are pewter, stainless steel, chrome, and polished nickel, oil rubbed bronze and brass. Copper has made a few cameo appearances here and there but not a huge showing. Do you have a favorite faucet style or finish?

KBIS is winding down, and I can’t wait to read the recaps from my friends who braved the evils of Sin City. I shouldn’t make fun of Vegas; I loved it when I was on Blogtour and attended the show for the first time last year. There are great restaurants, awesome shows, and 24-hour fun! I returned from that trip exhausted from the fun! I was supposed to go this year, but due to my workload I felt it best to stay home and try to whittle down my to-do list.

If you are in the market for a new faucet, pop over to Kohler and take a gander. While you are there look at the other amazing products they offer. All Kohler products are top notch.

Don’t forget to comment and tell share what your favorite faucet and finish is, I’m dying to know. If you comment, I’ll tell you which I chose for my kitchen projects another day!

Have a Happy Friday! Ciao!

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