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Lane Venture Outdoor Furniture

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During the Thanksgiving Break, I worked on organizing my photos from the past year.  While looking at photos I snapped at High Point Market in October, I came across a gallery of photos I took in the Lane Venture Show Room.  I had planned to share these pictures after market, but somewhere along the way I failed to do so.  Lane Venture is one of my “go to” resource for me as a designer.  Lane offers fabulous looking designs and great quality.  I was crazy for Celerie Kemble’s new collection which I blogged about here.  Shown above is the wave table and chairs from her collection.  Lane Venture is made to withstand the rigors of outdoor weather, but I would use this dining grouping inside as well.  There are so many outdoor options for dining from Lane Venture.  Here are some of my favorites:
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This grouping is another dining grouping from the Celerie Kemble Collection.  

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This grouping mixes swivel base chairs with regular seating chairs
 which offers both options.
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Weather resistant wicker isn’t the only finish Lane offers, shown here is powder coated aluminum white finish.  

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The Bennett Banquette paired here with wicker table and chairs adds an element
of interest.  I like mixing the upholstery line with the wicker to mix things up a bit. 
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To see more of the Lane Venture dining collections click here.
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Lane Venture has a new collection of raised firepit tables that were pretty incredible as well.
I really like to specify groupings like this one because this arrangement is great for conversation.  
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This is my favorite chair in the Lane Venture Line.   I’m crazy for the
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Dining furniture is a small part of what Lane offers.  Here is a great looking
 sectional which is as comfy as it is good looking.  
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Did you know Lane Venture  makes a wicker recliner available in their Moorings Collection?  It’s really comfortable and doesn’t scream “recliner”.  The recliner is perfectly scaled to accommodate man or woman.

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I would be remiss, if I didn’t mention something about Lane Venture seating groupings.  They offer something to fit everyone’s taste.  Pop over to Lane Venture to see the entire collection of offerings.   Now is a great time to order furniture so your porch and patio will be ready when spring weather arrives which will happen sooner than you think!


Unwind in style with our durable Lane Venture outdoor products. Enjoy season after season with these gorgeous all-weather furnishings.
 I know it’s winter and probably sound crazy to be thinking about spending time on a porch right now, but I have clients who have fireplaces and heaters on their porches and spend a good bit of time outdoors around the fire roasting marshmallows and such.   We can do that in North Carolina!   I’m working on several porches as we speak hence the interest in porch furniture.  
Visit Lane Venture’s website here and make sure to follow them on all 
their social media channels below:
Lane Venture is:

Hand Craftsmanship

Lane Venture products are not simply well-designed, they are well-built. The frames are built with great attention to enduring construction and fine detail. Hand-tailored upholstering and finishing are accomplished in Conover, NC , where the producests are  warehoused  for timely service to fine stores nationwide.

All products are built of the finest materials.

Lane Venture offers high-fashion touches you won’t find anywhere else: handcrafted finishes, hundreds of incredible fabrics, and dressmaker details in cushioning and throw pillows that may be accented with designer braids and trims. With Lane Venture, it’s all about choices and opportunities to express your unique style

Lane Venture is distinct in offering imaginative designs for indoors and outdoors.

WeatherMaster includes heirloom quality natural wicker, modern synthetic weaves, exotic finished metals and cast aluminum – all built to the highest standards using the most advanced technologies alongside fine, old world handcrafting.
Disclosure: As a sponsored blogger for High Point Market Authority, I was sponsored 
this market by Heritage Home Brands, however, I would never write about any product
 I don’t believe in or use for my clients.  All opinions are sincere and of my own accord.  

Photography is property of Lisa Mende Design please do not use without my consent. 

 When pinning on Pinterest please credit Lisa Mende Design Blog , Lane Venture

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