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Decorating with Non-Traditional Things & Holiday Decorating Tip #1

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Studio 202 featuring Piper Collection Pillows, Saturn Table by
Taylor-Burke Home, Chair by Wesley Hall, Painting by
Harrison Blackford Art, Carpet by Stark and Drapery
 Fabric by Thibaut
It’s that time of year where we have gone from struggling to complete
the daily lists, to suddenly adding tasks of holiday decorating, gift buying,
 baking and busy social calendars.   What a person to do?
 How do you decorate?  Are you an “all in the Christmas Spirit” kind
 of person or do you hang a wreath, stick candles in the windows, 
decorate a tree and call it a day?  I find the older I become the more I
 really like less.  Less of everything.  I prefer well edited decorations
 as well as well edited rooms.  I also get more excited about
 interesting holiday items and color palettes that enhance a room.  
Don’t get me wrong, I like red and green at Christmas as much as anyone, 
but I find unusual color palettes intriguing.  
Take for instance the antler pillows above from Piper Collection.  Aren’t
these pillows stunning?  I don’t know if you can tell from my photo,
but the fabric has a little metallic finish, which really takes these pillows
up a notch.  I love that these pillows can be used anytime you want to add
a little masculine touch to your decor.  I recently used them in a gentleman’s
game room.  Yesterday, when I was straightening up the studio,  I thought about
 how fab these pillows would be for the holidays which then led me to popped
 over to Piper Collection to see what else in the collection would be nice for what
 I call “upscale holiday decor”. Look at the goodies I found!
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 Blitzen  12″ x 18″
.  Can you see the sparkle?   
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Blitzen 16″ x 24″
Same style in a larger pillow in sesame.
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Blitzen 16″ x 24″
Also in orange if you like to add a pop of color to your decor.


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Prancer 12″ x18″
Speaking of color, who likes pink during the holidays?  I know I do!  It’s a sister to red
so I find it works great if you prefer a little brighter palette for holiday decor. 
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Mr. Moose 22″ x 22″
This is a big guy!  He would look great on a sofa or on your bed!
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Matty 22″ x 22″
Why not add a little fur for texture.  I love to mix fur pillows in for accent. 
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Mary 22″ x 22″
If you are traditional and like to stick with the red and green palette, but want to
 shake up your Christmas decor a bit, how about this gorgeous chevron velvet pillow?
Did you like what I found?  Decorating for Christmas doesn’t have to be Santa pillows 
 drug out for a couple of weeks once a year.  Why not invest in something 
that can be use long after the holidays are gone?  
Want a custom look for your home?  Need to pull your look together
 or freshen up your decor for the holidays?
Call me today! I can help you put together a plan for a custom
 look for your home or holiday party!  Only a couple consults left! 
Want to see more of the Piper Collection pillows?  Click Here to visit 
Piper Collection website to see the complete line of offerings, then call
Studio 202 to order!  Get your order in fast, the holidays are here! 
P.S.   My first decorating tip for the season:
Your neighbors will thank me for this one….
For Heaven’s sake, save the blow up Christmas toys for your backyard
  I know your kids like them, but would you put toys on your front yard during the 
regular year?  Come on people! 
Now booking for 2015!  Want to start out the New Year with a New Look?
Call today!  (704) 561-1466.
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