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Day #12 My Gift to You! – 12 Days of Christmas

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Love this graphic from The Pinterest Project!
  It’s printable, click here for details!
Christmas Music is blaring in the Mende House, cookies are
baking, last minute tasks are being completed so we can check off 
our to do list!  What are you doing on this last Saturday before Christmas?
I wanted to take a minute and thank you  for reading the blog
this year!   2015 will bring many changes to Lisa Mende Design.  I can’t
wait to share what’s going on with you.  
I’ve had a wonderful 2014.  As I look back over this past year,
 I am reminded of my many blessings.  Thank you for being part of 
those blessings.  The friends I have made through my blog are a happy
 part of my life.   I want to personally thank you for taking time from
 your busy lives to read my blog.  To show my gratitude, I wanted
 to give you a little gift.  
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Get the entire family in on the chores!  Christmas was not meant for one
 person in the family to do all the work!  Delegate!  Nominate your own elves to help!
Remember to Slow Down and Enjoy this time….
Lisa’s List of Important Things to Do at Christmas!
1.  Look the other way when Grandparents want to spoil Grandchildren
2. Forgive anyone who has wronged you!  Give the gift of forgiveness everyday for
    yourself as well as those you hold malice towards.
3. Prepare as many dishes for dinner as you can!  Take the day off and enjoy!
4. Don’t forget to hang the mistletoe
5. Save a branch of your Christmas tree trunk to burn as next year’s yule log
6. Don’t forget the batteries
7. Don’t forget to milk and cookies out for Santa.
8. Remember that peace on Earth starts with peace in our hearts and homes.
9. Read the Christmas Story on Christmas Eve as a family!
10.  Don’t forget to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.  It is Jesus’s Birthday!
P.S. Don’t forget to watch “White Christmas!”
Enjoy the Season! 
Note: Important things list taken from “The Little Book of Christmas Joys”
432 Things to do for yourself and others that just might make this the best Christmas Ever!
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