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12 Days of Christmas – Day #1 -Gift Idea for Sleeping Beauty

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Day #1  
I like to buy Christmas gifts that people don’t think
 to buy themselves, don’t you?  This one is a good one!
I have already ordered several for ladies on my list! 
As Seen in “The Zoe Report”  12 Ways to Get Gorgeous While You Snooze!
The iluminage skin rejuvenating pillowcase fibers are carefully embedded with 
mineral-derived Copper Oxide to smooth your skin. Clinically proven to
 reduce the appearance of wrinkles for a smoother, younger looking skin
 in as little as four weeks with a continuing effect over time.
Don’t we all want our fine lines and wrinkles minimized?  The Iluminage skin
 rejuvenating pillowcase perfect gift for all the ladies on your list who 
want to catch up on their beauty sleep!  Machine washable.  Just slip
 on a fav pillow for anti-aging while you sleep! 
Stop by Tomorrow for Day #2 –  Gift for The Guys on Your List!
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