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7 Great Bar Carts & 7 Tips on Stocking A Bar Cart

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Bar Carts are back in vogue.  I think Americans fell in love with glamours bar carts during the popularity of the show Madmen and have gotten more popular ever since.  Who doesn’t want to have drinks at the ready at all times?  I don’t have a bar cart, but I am thinking of buying with the holidays approaching.  I have rounded up some of my favorites today.  Tell me which is your favorite?
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Hmmm….gold or silver?
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I like this foxed mirror car.  It’s sleek and wouldn’t take up a lot of space.
The mirrored glass would reflect pretty lights or candles during the holidays.
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I like the industrial vibe of this car.  It’s not as glamours as the others, but would be great in a kitchen area if you don’t want your cart to be too dressy and glitzy.
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This cute little cart is the least expensive in my round up but provides just enough storage to be useful.  It could be positioned beside a chair if space is limited.
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I love the lines of this gold cart.  It’s simple, but classic.
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I’m digging the x shape of this antique gold bar cart but it’s only for sale 5 more days(Nove 17th) , so unless you beat me to it, this cart will be gone soon.  

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The refined lines of this bar cart along with the white lacquer finish makes me want to buy a bar cart for Studio 202….wonder if Traci Zeller would go for that?
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I especially like this bar cabinet.  It’s more of a cabinet, than a cart, but so handsome!
It is so masculine in woodgrain but also comes in white lacquer as well.
I also like this bamboo bar cart,
This simple gold cart is the best deal of all, but it is small. 
So what do you think?  Which bar cart do you like?  I’m leaning towards looking for a vintage cart that I can refurbish.  I love what Shannon of AKA did with one she found.  You can read about it here.
Tips on Stocking a Bar Cart 
1. If you want to be creative bar and entertain your guest with how knowledgeable you are about liquor, buy Jinro, it is a Korean soju and the world’s number one best selling liquor.  Bet you thought it would be Scotch or Vodka didn’t you?  Nope!  You can read more about it here.
2.  I like to choose premium “base” liquors to showcase.  Almost any cocktail can be made if you have the following liquors on hand: gin, brandy, tequila, bourbon, vodka, white rum.
3. Add your personal favorite “mixers” such as bitters, cointreau, sweet vermouth or Lillet, and dry vermouth.
4. It’s good to have soda water or seltzer on hand.  I like the tiny bottles.   They are typically prettier than the large bottles and don’t take up much room.  Also, make sure you options on your cart for those that don’t drink alcohol. 
5. Cocktail cherries, onions, and olives are good to have on hand.  I especially like the olives stuffed with blue cheese or jalapenos for martinis. 
 6. The tools you will want to have on hand are a corkscrew, jigger, cocktail shaker and bar spoon.  
7. Barware needs consists of basically 5 different style glasses: Tall glasses, short glasses, wine glasses (one for red and one for white) and coupes for champagne, cocktails and sparkling wines.  Of course I would also mention it is great to have copper mugs for Moscow Mules!  I like these copper mugs. Did you hear me Denise McGaha? If you are making Moscow Mules, you better stock up on ginger beer too.
Ok, while we are talking drinks, here are my favorite recipe for Moscow Mules, and
Ultimate Mojitos.  Thanksgiving try serving one of these cocktails. I love these cocktails and mocktails from Martha Stewart for Christmas.
What are your favorite cocktails for the holidays?  Did I get you in the mood for 
stocking the bar?  With all this talk about drinks, I’m thinking a cart might not be big enough
unless you spotlight a few drinks on the cart at a time.  hmmm….not a bad idea.
I also invite you to follow my Bar Cart Board on Pinterest by clicking here!
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