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Top Spots to Hit at High Point Market

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Designer friends who are visiting High Point Market for the first time often ask for suggestions of my favorite showrooms to visit.  This year, I decided to share some of my favorite showrooms that are must sees!  Let’s start with my first day at market!  
Tomorrow I plan to hit Hickory Chair first!   I love this North Carolina Company for the beautiful furniture they produce.  I am excited Hickory Chair is one of my sponsors for market which means I get to interview Alexa Hampton, Suzanne Kasler, Mariette Himes Gomez and Hable Construction when I get there!  I can’t wait to see the new introductions and chat with the designers about their inspiration behind the designs.  I get as excited as I did when I was a child on Christmas morning.  Hickory Chair has a new showroom this market!  Make sure you don’t miss it!  They are now located on the 3rd floor of Market Square  Space MS324.

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Louise Gaskill Lighting

This is another “don’t miss” showroom, Louise Gaskill Lighting.  Louise makes incredible fixtures with vintage glass.  These chandeliers are a work of art.  Don’t see what you are looking for?   She can create a custom piece just for you.  The location of this space is Suites at Market Sq.  M-4001

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Today marks the Grand Opening of Madcap Cottage in High Point!  I can’t wait to see what goodness is in store with the genius pair of Madcap Gents, Jason Nixon Oliver and John Loecke!  Visit 128 Church Avenue to be amazed!  It’s where the party will be this market for sure.  Just off Main Street next to Bank of America!  Weenie, Jasper and Amy Petunia will be there to meet you too!

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I have been busy designing outdoor living spaces lately therefore, I plan to make a visit to Lane Venture.  I love Lane Venture because it is made of the finest products and offers such chic styling.  I am crazy about their new upholstered pieces.  There are many items in this line I would also use indoors.  I am dying to sit in their wicker recliner.  I’m hearing rave reviews about this piece of furniture. This company offers great occasional tables and accent pieces as well. Lane Venture also has a new showroom space which is located at Market Square 348
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Thomasville Furniture is also on my list for tomorrow.  They make really pretty kitchen and bathroom cabinets, I plan to check out for a client.  While I am in their showroom I plan to also check out the various options for storage.  Thomasville has beautiful living, dining,bedroom and home office furniture as well. 
Thomasville Showroom is located in IHFC C603. 
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I would be lying if I told you I was going to work all day.  Of course I have to stop by Addison Weeks Jewelry to pick up a bauble or two before everything gets picked over.  I love these two ladies.  This is a don’t miss.   They are located at SAMS G-3042
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Glinda Giess Handbags
I love Glinda Giess handbags.  The fabrics are yummy!  They are located at
Suites at Market Square M3025. 
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Piper Collection Pillows
I must stop by my friend Whitney and Cindy Caudle’s show room Piper Collection.  They have fabulous pillows!  If you haven’t discovered Piper Collection make sure you do this market! Their location is Suites at Market Square G3029  
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Taylor Burke Home
Taylor Burke Home here I come!  Can’t wait to see your fabulous new introductions.  I heard a rumor you have incredible lighting debuting in High Point.  TBH location is 
Suites at Market Square G7034 Salon.  
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Tritter Feefer Finds

Each market Tritter Feefer has “Tritter Feefer Finds” which consists of Selenite, Mineral Specimens, Antique Artwork, Furniture and accessories in their space in Interhall.
The items are first come first serve so you must get there early to snag the best pieces.
Once market ends the items purchased can be taken home. This is a great way to add fresh merchandise to your store or finish up client projects with unique items.  Tritter Feefer is located in Interhall IH205

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Alexis Walters Art

Another place to shop early is Alexis Walter Art.  Each market Alexis brings beautiful original paintings to Suites at Market Square M-5019.  Be there early to choose your favorite if you want to take home one of her beautiful paintings at the end of the week.

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Currey and Co

I can’t wait to see what’s new at Currey and Co.  On the Friday market kicks off The Curreys have a fabulous lunch featuring a menu of items prepared from their garden.  They offer buyers added incentives which makes it a win win.  I am so grateful to Currey for furnishing the Forum Chandelier used in our Ronald McDonald Project.  Bethanne Matari, PR Maven for Currey, will be ready and waiting to graciously welcome all who enter the Currey showroom.  You might even meet my friend, Denise McGaha who is Currey’s new brand ambassador.  At any rate, you will see beautiful lighting, be treated like royalty and enjoy great food and drink.  Currey is located at IHFC M110

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Barry Dixon for Arteriors

I always look forward to visiting the Arteriors Showroom to see what beauty my friend, Barry Dixon has created.  I have already had a sneak peek at new introductions to the line when I saw Barry and owner, Mark Moussa in Dallas recently.  I think buyers are going to love the new introductions.  The inspiration, time and effort that it takes to bring a line like Arteriors to market is mind boggling.  Mark and Barry are a great team because both are so enthusiastic   about what they do.  Make sure you put Arteriors on your market schedule.  Arteriors is located at IHFC H320.  

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Moore Councill

I always enjoy visiting with my friends at Moore Councill located at 200 N. Hamilton Court N. Ct 211.  I am anxious to see what fabulous pieces Gary Inman has created for this market.  Make sure to stop by Moore Councill.  The showroom is beautiful and you might even see a piece of furniture named for me!  I can’t wait to share where I put my “Lisa Console”  which will soon be on the blog!   Moore Councill, the owner, grew up in the North Carolina furniture industry.  He is what I call a furniture insider.  The Councill Family is known for producing fine furniture for generations.  

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Wesley Hall

I must check in with Wesley Hall to see what goodness Zack Taylor and his team has produced for this market.   Wesley Hall offers beautiful furniture with so many custom options.  The furniture is produced in North Carolina which is always a plus in my book. 
Benchmade furniture in beautiful fabrics and finishes sold by some of the nicest people in the industry!  Visit Wesley Hall at 310 N. Hamilton Street S106

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Mirror Image

Bunny Williams third collection with Mirror Image launches this market and if it is like the other two collections she has designed for Mirror Image, there will be lots of eye candy to enjoy.  Located in Suites at Market Square G7008 Salon.

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CR Laine

CR Laine is another showroom I never miss.  Holly and her team do an excellent job of bringing cutting edge designs to the marketplace.  She works so hard to have special events and installations for buyers to enjoy.  I can’t wait to see the cafe my friend, Tobi Fairley has designed in their showroom this market.  Rumor has it that Tracy Hiner has another amazing installation there as well.  CR Laine is located at 310 N. Hamilton Street S-204

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Thibaut Design

It’s always so much fun to see what the Thibaut Team puts together for High Point Market. They never fail to delight me.  Impeccable products, genius design and a team of fabulous people.  Thibaut is always on my market list.  They are located at Market Square 260.

Tune in tomorrow to see more of my favorite showrooms at High Point Market. 

I hope you will take the time to visit these showrooms, if you are going to High Point market.  
If not attending High Point this fall, make sure you sign up for my instagram feed.  I will post 
what’s happening in High Point.

Confused as to how or where to go?  Download the Editor at Large Essentials Guide Here.

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