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The Next Thing After The ALS Challenge & A Surprise….

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I wonder what would happen if everyone who participated in the ALS Challenge would do the same for The Ronald McDonald House? 
 Last week when Traci Zeller and I were in Long Island installing our room at The Ronald McDonald House of Long Island, I said “I think  I’ll go buy a can of whipped cream and squirt it on your head, then challenge my friends to do the same or pay up just like they did for the ALS challenge.”  Traci laughed at me but secretly I was serious.  If we had not been so busy working to complete our room I would have done that but I knew better than make my partner mad when we had so much work to do.  
Would squirting Traci Zeller on the head with whipped cream catch your attention?  
If so, I’ll do it!  Hey, don’t put it past me,
 it might happen yet!  
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If you have ever had a sick child and utilized the services of The Ronald McDonald House you understand the love and care that goes into running these safe havens for families, not to mention the time and money involved.  I didn’t have a sick child but I did lose a child, so I know first hand how nice it is to feel taken care of while in crisis.  Many of you will never experience the devastation of this magnitude.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish losing a child or having a sick child on anyone.  If I could banish either from the world I would. 
I hear people all the time lamenting on social media about having a bad day.  Trust me friends you don’t know a bad day until you or someone you know is battling for their life, especially when that someone is your child.   
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Studies show that with their family nearby, a child heals better. Not having to worry about food and lodging, a family can handle their crisis with a clearer mind and are able to cope with the situation.  When you donate to Ronald McDonald you are making it possible to keep families together during a crisis.  
I’m not going to squirt shaving cream on Traci Zeller’s head just yet, but if I need to in order to reach our goal, I just might.  If any of you want to start the ball rolling and do that to someone I won’t lie, it would be fun!  Make sure to link our donation page to your post if you decide to start the Whipped Cream challenge For Ronald McDonald yourself.  It would be fun to see how many people we could link through our lowly little donations page, wouldn’t it?  I’m actually going to pose another option….Would you please donate a dollar for each child one of your children?  Yes, just one dollar per child, that’s all I ask.  
If all our friends, followers and acquaintances on social media donated one dollar, Traci and I could raise quite a bit of money alone! So skip your Starbucks run this morning, make your coffee at home and donate the $5 to Ronald McDonald! 
If you have ever had a sick child or lost a child I challenge you to donate!  If you have been lucky enough not to deal with a sick child or death of a child I challenge you to donate!
Many of the designers on our Project Design Phase 2 have raised enough to keep a family in the house for a year, that’s $10,000!  How did they do it?  Through their family and friends like you!  We are all in this together, so I ask you please donate!  It’s easy and pain free!  All you have to do is go to the link and donate!  
Won’t you please donate today?
We are half way to our goal thanks to the generosity of fabulous friends and family!
  We are ever so grateful for every dollar donated!  
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As an added incentive, EVERY Person who donates to our Ronald McDonald Fundraising efforts will be among the first to view our finished room before it is broadcasted on social media.  Want a sneak peek?  Donate and you will get one!  
Also, if you want to buy the opportunity for me to squirt someone on the head with whipped cream, make the donation and email me with the victim’s name, I’m up for the challenge!  (Of course, I’ll give them fair warning and allow them to pay their way out of having a head covered in whipped cream)
Ok, so I’m teasing about Traci, but
 everyone else is fair game!

However….if we reach our goal…we will both adorn whipped cream just for you!

Thanks so much!!!!
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