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Studio 202 Grand Opening Winners Announced!!!

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Traci Zeller and I had such a blast at our Grand Opening Party!  Thank you to
 everyone who came out and celebrated with us.  It was a packed house!
The only casualty was an unused overripe, pineapple which was discovered
 this week, in my client bag! Ugh!  Let’s just say the fruit flies have had a
 feast and  I spent thursday chasing fruit flies out of the studio.  That’s what
 happens  When you try to do the catering yourself.  At least my studio
 partner isn’t angry with me!  Sometimes you have to laugh!  
We are so grateful to all of our family and friends who came in support of
our new studio opening.  We are extremely grateful to our studio partners
who donated items for our giveaway.  I know you have waited long enough
to hear who the winners are, so without further adieu….
The Studio 202 Grand Opening Winners are:
 Caracole “Mood Ring” Mirror – Melissa LeFevre
Taylor-Burke Home “Blake Accent Table”
 Michelle McNeer
CR Line throw Pillows – Dori Luke
“Trees” by Harrison Blackford – Sarah Fisher
Painting by Susan Skelley – Amanda Kinney
Tobi Fairley Home “St Nick” Pillows – Cheryl Luckett
Shark Rocket Vacuum Cleaner – Bob Margies
Traci Zeller Home “Loophole” Pillows – Minerva Smith
Matters of Style vintage brass tray – Leslie Newby
NDI Pink Peony Rockbed Water Garden – Ashley Heischer
Thank You to Everyone!!!  If you live in the Charlotte area please
call Traci or me to make arrangements to pick up your prize!
Fair Warning…when you come by we want to take a picture of you
receiving your item, so look pretty!   Also, if you are on social media
we would love it if you give a shout out to the companies who provided
the items.  We can’t wait to share photos of all the winners.  If you don’t 
live in Charlotte, your items will be delivered to you so hang in there!
Thank you to everyone who has donated to our Ronald McDonald Goal!
We are 62% there thanks to our family and friends!  We aren’t going to
 give up til we reach our goal!  One of our talented artist friends has stepped
forward to help us out…..
We have a huge surprise for you!!!   
Look for that BIG announcement the
 first of the week!!!
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