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High Point Market Is Almost Here!

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Stacy Naquin, Julia Buckingham, me and Maria Killiam 
It’s almost time for High Point International Market, one of the most exciting events for designers of the year!  I always look forward to attending High Point Market for several reasons.  There are amazing educational seminars, social events, celebrity book signings,  the debut of new furniture collections, and of course fabulous networking opportunities.  
High Point Market is one big party and if you aren’t going to be there you are missing out!!
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Make sure you read my 10 Tips for Finding the Perfect Accessories if you
 haven’t already by clicking here. 
I’m offering you the opportunity to discover MY “Favorite Places” So You Find amazing products to make your design projects unique!  Sign up for My Tour with Editor at Large.  It’s called “Discover Antiques and Vintage Sources with Lisa Mende” but we will also go to some hidden places to get items that get snatched up the first morning of market.  If you want to get in on the action of getting those items before they are gone, sign up today! 
 I’ll take a group of 30 around some of my favorite places in High Point for Antique, vintage and unique finds.  If you are interested in discovering my “hidden gems” sign up here, but hurry because the closer we get to market the more likely the tickets will sell out!  
Not only will I save you time and money finding items that you will love to take home with you, but I promise we will have a blast!   The Tour is is Saturday, Oct. 18th from 9am – 12:30pm.  It’s only three hours, but it will be the best three hours you will spend at High Point Market sourcing fabulous items.  The merchants we are visiting have been alerted we are coming and will be ready with a plethora of goodies for you to cash and carry!
Sign Up Today!!
here’s a great market video shot with Editor At Large which I think you will enjoy!
I’ll give you a couple of tips on High Point!  If you want to know what to pack for High Point Market I’ll share that next week!  Ok, so now start my High Point Market Posts!  I’ll include 
all my tips for what to do and how to do it!  Get Ready!  It’s going to be an action packed market!
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