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Is Your Home A Smart Home?

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Society and cultural trends have always influenced home design and property value: the peace cry of the 70’s inspiring flower power furniture, the 90’s responding to the recession neutral colors and minimalistic furniture.  Today, it seems you can’t turn on the TV or open a magazine without reading about the connected technology trend – and how it is quickly and efficiently running our lives.  

To examine how this era of connected technology is influencing trends in home design and property value, and give fans simple tips & tricks to take advantage of the trend, to create a sleeker, ‘smarter home’, is Genevieve Gorder, host of HGTV’s Genevieve’s Renovation. 


I have always adored Genevieve Gorder.  I remember when she was one of the original designers on Trading Spaces.  When her next series came to life, “Dear Genevieve” I was an instant fan. She always had the perfect solution for design dilemmas of viewers.  Her newest series “Genevieve’s Renovations” which chronicles her own home’s renovations and life in New York City debuted in July 2014.  I had the opportunity to chat with Genevieve about her new show and her smart home.   As a designer, I feel it is my responsibility to stay abreast of new technology so I can educate my clients.  My talk with Genevieve was very helpful.  She is so tech savvy.  I thought you would enjoy hearing more of our conversation and the “smart” advice Genevieve shared with me. 

(LHM) – Genevieve, we’re hearing the term “smart home” a lot these days.  What does it mean to have a smart home?

Genevieve –  ” A “smart home” is so efficient and functional.  Smart home technology  connects the systems in a home so they communicate with one another.  When the technology of a home is connected a homeowner can control the entire system with the push of a button on an smart phone or pad even remotely. 

If a homeowner doesn’t have a smart home, then the home is as functional for the homeowner it could be.  There are so many different systems to control these days that if the systems are connected, the homeowner spends valuable time managing each system.


 (LHM) – What are some home simple but smart design trends you’re noticing a result of the “connected technology” boom?

(Genevieve) When I design a home, I either make the technology intentional or I hide it.  If I make it intentional, I typically balance out the new, sharp technology with something old.  In my own house, I have antique bells hanging on the wall around my flatscreen.  The tooth of age from the bells tempers the cold feel of technology. 

(LHM) – What about solar?  Is it becoming more cost-effective for home owners to start considering solar panels?

(Genevieve) Yes, absolutely!  Why not use the sun, it’s there and it’s free.  Now there are very sleek, non evasive solar panels which can easily be installed on a homeowner’s roof.  

4. Where can folks go to learn more?

(Genevieve) Are you familiar with SunRun?  If not, go to and check out their offerings.  A homeowner no longer has to own and manage solar panels.  SunRun installs and maintains the solar panels, so the homeowner is only enjoying the benefits.  SunRun takes the work out of using solar energy.  

(LHM)  Any other final design and style trends listeners should consider incorporating in their home? 

(Genevieve) Homeowners need to realize how much time and money having a “smart home” can save them.  Smart technology is not the wave of the future, it is available now.  Anyone not taking the time to incorporate “smart technology” is falling behind the curve.  There is no excuse not to enjoy “smart technology” when a company like SunRun does most of the work.  Technology no longer has to be bulky and ugly.  “Smart Technology” is sleek and sexy.  Don’t we all want our homes to look and function in the best possible manner? 

As a designer, it is my job to educate my clients.  Hopefully, with my new television show, Genevieve’s Renovation, I can educate viewers on the importance of smart technology by sharing how I have incorporated smart technology in my own home and how easy and efficiently it works.

Thank you so much Genevieve for taking the time to work with me today.  

I hope you, my readers are intrigued to check out and find out how your home can become smarter today!

Make sure you catch Genevieve’s Renovation and see her new “smart home” too!

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