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July 6th – Peals of Wisdom – Jeffery Zeldman

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There is always a lot of chatter online about people stealing other people’s work.  With the advent of Pinterest, this practice has gotten out of control for designers in many respects. I even know bloggers who copy other bloggers style. The list of copycats goes on and on. While I personally do not endorse the practice of not giving credit where credit is due, I thought this quote was an interesting take on the idea.  Anything stolen is a breach of trust in my opinion, but what if no one ever took your ideas or gave you the time of day?  I’m sure I am opening a can of worms here but what if, instead of always looking at the glass half empty, we looked at it half full?  The next time someone uses a picture of your work, or copies an idea that was yours send them a thank you note and ask them to credit you. I’ll guarantee you will get better results than if you respond angrily and negatively.  Try it and let me know if it works.
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I’ve always thought of myself as a positive person, but now and then I slip into the word of negativity.  I am working hard to make my thoughts and words positive.  No one wants to read or hear negative thoughts.  I challenge you to join me in monitoring your comments today.  Record how many negative and positive comments you share.  Wonder what we will discover about ourselves?  I am going to try to think before I speak and turn any negative thought into a positive one.  Science has shown we are a product of our thoughts, therefore, having negative thoughts can be toxic. 
Join me in making the world a more positive place even for just one day!
 As my Grandmother Parker always said….
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On another note…for those who wish to use photography of other designer’s projects, please give those designers due credit.  It is as easy as upload the picture in google images and searching.  

Enjoy your Sunday and stay positive!

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