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Ronald McDonald House “Part Deux” & “Design On A Dime”

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Ronald McDonald greets Traci and I at the front door of the Ronald McDonald House Long Island.  This photo was taken by Charlie who is one of the volunteers for the house.

It has been a busy travel week for me and not much time for blogging.  I am on the plane home from New York, where Traci Zeller and I attended the kickoff event for the interior designers involved in phase two of the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island  .  It was a very emotional day.  The love and dedication of the staff, as well as the excitement of the participating designer’s desires to make a difference in the life of others created a surreal environment for the afternoon.  This is the “house that love built.”  Love has continue to manifest itself in the metamorphosis of “part one” and I think “part deux” will result in the same.   The number of participating designers has grown from the original 26 designers in phase one to 44 designers in phase two.  The increase in deigned involvement represents how important tho project is to the design community.  Thanks to Anthony Baratta who had the vision for this project and spearheaded the efforts initially.   He was there and was excited about phase two. What an honor to meet this design icon! Traci and I are excited about our room appointment, which I will share in detail later. 

 At the end of our event at the Ronald McDonald House,  Traci and I decided to go into Manhattan to attend  10th Anniversary of Design on a Dime.  “DOAD” is the most popular interior design event in New York city sponsored by Housing Works each year.   Each year for the past 10 years, more than 50 of the world’s top interior designers have  created amazing room vignettes with totally donated or self created, new merchandise, which is sold at the event for 50-70% off retail pricing.  Click here to read more about DOAD!
There is so much to share about this event!  We loved seeing our friends, who participated in this years event.   It was so amazing that Traci and I have decided it is a “don’t miss event” going forward.  I can’t wait to show you what I bought and share our New York adventures, but first I must unpack and spend some time with my family.  They are looking a little needy.  Hope your Saturday is fabulous!

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