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Have You Checked Out The Style Spotter Boards On Pinterest?

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Still wondering what the trends were at April 2014 High Point Market?  Have you checked out the Style Spotter’s boards on Pinterest?  Make sure to visit Pinterest and see all the great products they spotted!  This year’ panel did an amazing job!
I am going to post what I saw as trends in furniture, colors and stories this week.  Can’t wait to share, but until then look at what our tastemaker panel posted!  
What was my favorite things the style spotter’s pinned?
While I loved each and every product they pinned, I did have some favorites!    
These were my fav’s from each style spotter:
Mitizi Beach: Ladies Chest at Moore Councill &
Cube Chandelier at Chelsea House
Jeanne Chung: Colorful pillows from Piper Collection & Stacking tables by Caracole
Shay Geyer: (Shay will be posting more but so far I love what she has posted!)  Gray chair by Mary McDonald for Chaddock & Nailhead chair for CR Laine
Nicole Gibbons: Tuxedo sideboard by Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair.  Dorothy Draper Sofa from Kindel Furniture
Meredith Heron: Bonnet chair from Global Views and the Sutton Coffee table from Gabby
Haskell Harris: Green rattan breakfast settee from Selamat and Easton chest from oomph.
Michelle Workman: Charlotte Moss for Century Beaufort Bamboo chair with ottoman and Wesley Hall “Audrey Chair”
Gary Inman: Mustique coffee table by Jim and Phoebe Howard and Cobalt mirror by Bunny Williams for Mirror Image  (cobalt is huge)
Denise McGaha: Traci Zeller Pillows and Delia Chair by Emporium Home.  Also loved theLoloi Rug from Giselle collection. 
Michelle Wiebe:  As Style Spotter emeritus, Michelle was extra busy this market with speaking engagements, and interviews so she hasn’t shared her items yet but when she does, I can promise they will be fabulous!
So there you have it!  Make sure you visit the Style Spotter Pinterest page and repin your favorites.  Tell me what your favorites were?  Didn’t they do a fabulous job?
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