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My job as a designer is to be educated on new products available in the market place for my client projects.  My trip with Modenus Blogtour Vegas’ to KBIS  provided me with so many new products I’m dying to use.  This was my inaugural  trip to KBIS, but I’m already planning a return trip.  KBIS was fabulous.   One of my favorite new products was a product introduced byCosentino.  Cosentino is the worlds leading producer of quartz, natural stone and recycled architectural products. You may identify with Cosentino through the last product they became well known for which was Silestone. Remember how Silestone turned the kitchen countertop into something more than just a countertop? Silestone was the first original quartz countertop and is still the leading producer of quartz countertops for kitchen and bath.  It was a game changer in the kitchen and bath industry, so if Cosentino  is rolling out a new product, I’m all ears. 
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The new product introduced was a revolutionary compact product called Dekton. This product is truly groundbreaking and worthy of attention.  This product is not limited to kitchen and bathroom countertops though, Dekton can be used for all kinds of applications such as pool surrounds, high traffic flooring, and exterior facades.  It’s amazing to find a single product that can be fabricated for interior and exterior use.
What is amazing product, Dekton?
 Cosentino describes it as:
 “a sophisticated blend of the raw materials used to produce the very lastest in glass and porcelain as well as the highest quality quartz work surfaces” 
Cosentino invested over $172 million in research and 22,000 hours of scientific study to bring the industry a product that won’t warp, fade, stain, burn, scratch and can be virtually anywhere.  It has the strength of stone, but a fraction of the thickness which provides the sought after qualities of stone without the added burden of dealing with the weight of it.
Dekton is available in twelve finishes which include white, black, grey and natural stone in three different finishes, which include polished, slate and matte. It’s scratch resistant with low water absorption which makes it perfect for so many applications.  The products are beautiful. 
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Dekton was launched last October in New York City during Archtober, which is a thirty one day event celebrating Architecture in New York City.  The response to the product was amazing.  Click here to watch the video.

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Can you tell Modenus blogtour Vegas loved Dekton?  It was so beautiful, it made us feel like show girls.  We simply had to strike a pose next to it! Do you see me on the phone calling a client about this revolutionary new product on the spot.  
Yep, that’s just how good it is.  It’s going to be big!

Consider Dekton for your next project.
To learn more about this amazing product visit 
Dekton’s website here.

(All photography courtesy of Cosentino unless noted)

This post was written in collaboration with Modenus and Cosentino who was a sponsor for our blogtour Vegas trip to KBIS.  My opinions are strictly my own.  I strive to bring my clients and readers products I feel are of interest to them.

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