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A Must Read for Designers by Steve Noble & Bill Wittland

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This is a must read for all designers!  Steve Nobel of Nobelinks  and Bill Wittland President/CEO of VoxStrategic have just released the second in their series of books for the interior design industry.  Both books are available through iTunes.  If you haven’t read the first book, make sure to buy them both.  Click here to learn more about Steve Nobel
As a member of Design Trust of New York which was founded by Steve Nobel, I have had the good fortune of  hearing Steve firsthand as he shares his wisdom at industry events, and was also honored to partake in a Design Trust trip to Paris last September.  Steve is an amazing person and a seasoned industry professional.  His resume includes serving as a professor at New York School of Design and The Design Institute of San Diego as well as owner and President of The John Widdicomb Company and Managing Director of Baker, Knapp and Tubbs of London.  His vast expertise and experience in the design industry coupled with his willingness to share, makes Steve Nobel one of most important voices in our industry today.   When Steve Nobel speaks we all should listen!  What he is willing to share can make a huge difference
in how you do business, which can make a difference in your bottom line.  
 If you are interested in hearing from professionals, who knows the design business inside out, take the time to listen to these books.
Both books are filled with page after page of valuable information, which will help you become a better designer which will make your practice more successful.
What the best advice from an industry insider?
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