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Day 1 BlogTour Is About to Begin!

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First up…..ModenusTalks
I’m so excited about our #Blogtourvegas event today at The Cosmopolitan Hotel! The entire blog team along with an extended group of interior designers and representatives from major brands will have a meeting of the minds with an incredible new event called ModenusTalks.
Its an opportunity for dual sides of the design industry to come together and have an extensive four hour conversation.  We will also have the opportunity to participate in a couple of design and business challenges which should prove informative for both the designers and the brands. 
What will we learn? 
Last night at our opening dinner, we tried our best to get Veronika to share the details, but she’s keeping things under wraps til the actual event.  Like us, you will have to wait for the juicy details, but let’s just say, there will be plenty to share.  I don’t’ think any of us can totally fathom the magnitude of what this event is going to produce.  
Why is this so important?  Communicating with brands will allow designers to share what we know and what we want for our clients.  In return, the conversation will allow the brands to better meet those needs which in the long run can mean better products, better customer service and more consumer knowledge.  This inaugural event is being sponsored by 20/20 TechnologiesBLANCOMr Steam and Walker Zanger Tile.  There will be 45 participants from all areas of kitchen & bath design as well as the remodeling industry.
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Veronika Miller owner and visionary of Modenus and ModenusTalks has a gift for connecting the design community.  I stand in awe of her ability to connect the dots and continue the conversations. 
  Blogtour has given me the opportunity to meet other designers and brands across the nation and internationally to build an amazing connective design tissue.  ModenusTalks afford all of us an opportunity.  I can’t wait to see what happens today! 
What will happen?
  In this day and age of instant connectivity, we often forget that taking time for genuine conversation is the only way to develop in-depth knowledge and learn from each other.   
Thank you to our amazing sponsors who make Blogtours possible.  The brands get involved because they have a genuine desire to provide the best products possible and giving their customers great customer service. It’s a learning curve for all of us, but how exciting we get to learn by working together.    
Being in Vegas for KBIS 2014 will allow us to see the brands and learn more about this, see cutting edge new technology and find out what trending in kitchen and bath.  I cannot wait to share what makes these brands great and why you need to know these brands.  I hope to also share how incorporating these brands can more to increase the client’s quality of life.  
  It’s going to be a really busy day filled with knowledge!  
Have a great Monday!  
BlogtourVegas Amazing Sponsors are:
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