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Tomorrow is a Big Day! 3 Day Cleanse!

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I think someone should rename January, “Purguary”.  It seems like the time we throw out the boxes, dead greenery and for some unknown reason clean out closets and drawers.  Everyone I have talked to has been tiding up for the new year.  The onset of January brings the hope that we will be more organized, and together for the new year.  A fresh, new start is exactly what I need.  {continue getting healthy after the jump…}
The holidays are always a time that I get off schedule with my diet and exercise.  Since I was off schedule pre-holiday, I’m paying a major price right now! Ugh!  I’m overdue for getting myself back to the gym and eating healthy.  Yeah, Yeah, jump on the wagon Lisa, that’s what everyone else is doing, right?  I know that’s what you are thinking…and my track record isn’t so great.  I remember making a commitment to diet and exercise last January and that didn’t end so well.  Ok, enough!  I’m doing this thing!
Yesterday I made a yummy quinoa salad from Crazy, Sexy Diet.  If you want the marinated quinoa salad recipe you can find it here.  I didn’t have tomatoes or red peppers so here’s my colorless salad without the pretty red veggies!  It was still delish. I know Crazy, Sexy Diet isn’t anything new.  I have had this book for a couple of years, but it is my go to resource for getting on track!   It is fun to read and is pretty simple to follow.  The recipes are yummy.
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Dont’ get me wrong, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with eating meat at all, I’m just suggesting a cleanse to regroup so to speak.  

Kris Kerr,  cancer survivor, motional speaker, best selling author, and all around amazing  person, is the author of Crazy Sexy Diet.   
I came back around to Kris’s book by way of not making the cut for the local juice cleanse.
We have a couple of raw juice bars in Charlotte now(Luna’s Living Kitchen & VivaRaw) and Viva Raw is paring with a local organic delivery service, Nourish, for a 7 day cleanse.   I thought it would be fun to do a cleanse where all the food and juice were provided, but their delivery dates and my travel schedule didn’t coincide.  After several emails back and forth with one of the owners, I threw up my hands and declared to her I would do the cleanse from Crazy, Sexy Diet. on my own this time and hopefully could participate at a later date.  She said, “we love Kris Kerr and our cleanse was actually inspired by Crazy Sexy Diet.  How about that?   
I was so excited about doing CSD cleanse until I pulls out my calendar and realized I was not going to be in Charlotte for 21 straight days until after the first of February, so there went that gig.  What’s a girl to do?  I need something NOW!!!
I decided to do what all computer addicted people do and search the internet.  Voila, I found Dr. Oz’s three day detox cleanse!  Perfect!  Starting tomorrow morning, I am doing the cleanse.  I can handle three days and it will be just perfect to jump start my road to better habits.  I like any program that gives me a shopping list so I don’t have to create menus. It’s enough to have to create meals for my family along with what I doing for myself. Here’s the cleanse if you are interested:
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This is the third year in a row, that I have done a cleanse in January.  I think it is very fitting to start the year out with cleaning out your colon along with your closet, don’t you? haha! 
Two years ago I did “Three Weeks To Wellness” with Elle Erikson here in Charlotte.  I must admit, it was fabulous.  Elle is so bubbly and vivacious.  I met her in Barnes & Noble, when I was searching for Kathy Freston’s book “The Quantum Wellness Cleanse”.  Somehow we starting chatting and she told me she led a 21 day cleanse and it was starting that night.  Elle  invited me to come with her to Earth Fare and join the group cleanse which started that night with an Earthfare tour of the products needed for the cleanse.  So I did!  It was awesome!  I met some really cool people in the group.  I liked the cleanse so much I continued to eat that way til March.  Then spring break happened and my healthy eating came to a screeching halt.    Don’t’ get me wrong, I do try to eat healthy but somehow chips and french fries sneak back into my diet from time to time.

Last year, I dug out the Kathy Freston book I bought the night I met Elle and finally did her cleanse.  It is a great program.  I highly recommend it if you are self motivated.  If you need a cheerleader in Charlotte, go to Elle.

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I also adore this Yogi Fasting Tea.  I like to use two tea bags so the favor is a little stronger.
Even if you aren’t doing a cleanse, this tea is good to have every now and then.  
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 I also recommend Juice Plus  as a supplement.    As you can see, I order the chewables not the capsules.  They taste like candy so I feel like I’m getting a treat!  I also use E3 Live in my smoothies and juices thanks to Kelly Wearstler.  Kris gives a list of supplements in her book, so check there to see what else is on the list. 

If you want to take a break from your normal eating routine here are some options:

If you are in Charlotte check out  Viva Raw, and  Luna Living Kitchen for
fresh cold press juices.  If you want to create your own cleanse but don’t  own a juicer or don’t want to do the work,  you can do so through Viva Raw and Luna’s.   Luna’s fact page on cleansing is very helpful and can be found here.

Short but Sweet
Want to hit a cleanse hard and fast? Both Luna’s Living Kitchen and Viva Raw offer straight-up juice cleanses year round, from one day to seven to even 10 days. All juice, all the time, flushing your bod with hard core nutrients for the duration. No chewing involved!
Three Weeks, Lotsa Learning, Anti-Inflammatory  Focus
Live in the University/Huntersville/Cornelius/Davidson area? Corrine Lewis of Simply Nutritious is leading another three-week cleanse out of WellBeing Natural Health in Cornelius. Corrine emailed us the scoop saying, “My new ‘Grab the Reins of Your Health’ 21 Days to Wellness Cleanse and Detox program will begin Saturday, January 11, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. at Wellbeing Natural Health. Take three weeks to rid your diet of all the foods that tax your body and stagnate your spirit, and learn to indulge in pure, healthy, fresh, anti-inflammatory foods that HEAL you! My cost for the three-week cleanse is $125.00.” Contact Corrine through her website or at
So if you want to take a break from your normal routine and try a cleanse
I recommend it!  You won’t feel so guilty the next time you indulge.


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Here’s Oliver all bundled in his coat with a hood, think he needs to join the cleanse?

Here’s to a healthy happy new year for all!

(For the record, i don’t sell any of these products nor have I gotten a kickback
 for writing this post, I am also not suggesting you go vegan or juice all the time, but it’s always nice to take a break from your normal routine to reboot )

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