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I’ll Bet You Need a “Big O” as in O-Venture Key Ring!

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When I was in Atlanta last week, my friend, Danielle Rollins introduced me to the O- Venture girls!  My only regret was my tardy party prevented us from actually dining with this fun threesome, but all was not lost we were still able to eat and meet the O-Venture girls, as well see Danielle. (I must say UMI was fabulous!  Thank you Danielle oxox)!  I highly recommend UMI if you are in Atlanta.  

Now for the O-fun!

Boy! These two ladies have designed the hottest “must have” accessory to hit the market in a long time!  (click the title to find out what I’m talking about 
after the jump…)

Here’s what they have to say about their new design:
“Our goal is to make women’s lives easier one 
small detail at a time while putting a smile on their faces”
 – The O-Venture Girls
So without further adieu, I give you the “Big O”
It’s the “Big O” as in keyring!  This key ring is made of genuine leather that is water repellant and scratch resistant. It will stay looking fab even after tons of use.  How nice would it be to slip your keys onto your arm for jogging, cell phone chatting or other times when you need hands free action.  The “O” easily snaps on or off a key ring which is perfect for the valet. You can latched it to your purse straps or hang it on a door knob or your gear stick shift.  The large size and bright colors makes it easy to find in the bottom of any “big hole” purse.  The only issue I can foresee is trying to decide on just one of nine fabulous colors!  Of course you will also want an “essential card case” and “essential charm” right?  
Check out the goods below.
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Shown with card case and charm

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Hang from your gearshift.

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Latch on your purse

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Slip it on your arm for jogging

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This 4″ o-mazing O-Venture key ring makes keeping up
 with keys a thing of the past!
Each O. Venture  Key Ring comes in a custom velvet bag with fun enclosure card.  All O.Venture purchases are shipped as a party in a package!
Available in these hot colors:
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Yes Yellow
Mind Blowing Blue
In the Grass
In the Cabana
On the Beach
Tickled Pink
Cherry On Top
Take Me Tangerine
Gold Rush
Order yours today by emailing me at 
or by ordering direct from O-venture (please tell them I sent you if you decide to order direct!)
$55 for ring + shipping
$65 for card case + shipping
$27 for charm + shipping
Wanna guess which color I am getting?
Check out the O-Venture Girls on their social channels for more O-goodness!
hey,  follow Danielle on instagram too
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You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!
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