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The trend in home decor for the past couple of markets has included natural organic elements such as horn, shells, antlers, hides and other interesting things found in nature.
The richness of pairing a cowhide rug with a velvet sofa and silk pillows has drawn us all into it’s web.  Often what is hip in home decor takes it cues from the runway. 
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Today, I wanted to share a jewelry line that proves fashion and home decor cross pollinate.  Have you seen Twine & Twig Jewelry? I’m proud to say it’s a homegrown line.  Made right here in Charlotte, North Carolina, this line was created by two sisters with a passion for natural organic beauty.  These unique, handmade works of art are crafted from eco-friendly materials from all around the world.  The antler tips are actually sheds, so no animals are harmed to create this jewelry. The shells are from beaches all over the world. The combinations of the antlers, beads, shells and horse hair tassels creates amazing works of wearable art.  The attention to detail is evident the minute you hold one of these unique pieces.  I was drawn to their simple beauty and the artistic use of organic elements.  I can’t help, but also feel like my necklace was made especially for me! 

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Sisters, Elizabeth Stafford White and Jacquelyn Stafford Buckner, designed this jewelry to reflect their love of the rustic outdoors, and the calm offered by the North Carolina coast.  Each necklace is hand tied with their signature suede strap hand stamped with the Twine & Twig “T” logo. 

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Designed in neutral color palettes, the necklaces are offered in four collections which includeTassels, Tribe, Twine & Little Twig and Luxe & Limited Luxe. Make sure to click on the links to view each collection.  

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Twine & Twig was launched in 2013 and has been such a huge success, the sisters have been working night and day to produce enough jewelry to meet the high demand. I caught up with Elizabeth and Jacquelyn recently and they kindly agreed to an interview.  Read what these two amazing woman had to say about their fabulous new line. 

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What made you sisters decide to design a jewelry line? 

J: I came up with the idea for a suede strap a few years ago because necklaces would hurt my neck after wearing them all day and I thought that would be a cool solution. Elizabeth had started stringing oyster shells and African beads onto twine and wearing them as necklaces- we merged our ideas into one concept and Twine & Twig was born.  

E: It was certainly a very unplanned venture. We just started creating pieces that we loved and wanted to wear that had a very organic & natural feel and before we knew it people were requesting for us to make them one. One summer night at the beach on a family vacation we made a plan and picked a date a few months out and decided to officially launch Twine & Twig. From day one the support and enthusiasm from friends, family and even strangers has truly kept us going!

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Where did the name “Twine & Twig” come from?

E: Everything about my life is very natural, organic & earthy. I actually came up with the name before I knew what kind of line it would be because i just liked the sound of it and knew I would do something at some point in life with the name Twine & Twig.  When the necklace designs came about it was a perfect fit and so we trademarked the name and Jacquelyn came up with the idea to add in the T’s on the suede strap as well as the branded name in the neck.

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How did your backgrounds play into your business? 

J: I am a hair stylist- so it plays into everything. I am constantly studying up on fashion and trends because clothes, jewelry, make-up and hair all go together. First there was ombre hair and then it was on clothes and then nails- I love how everything is so cyclical. I think the reason Twine and Twig has been so successful so far is because of people’s need for something new and different- there isn’t anything else quite like it out there!

E: I was a graphic designer for a few years after college then landed a great job in product development for a woman owned company in Atlanta. I have always been very creative and driven and once my kids were out of diapers, I knew that I had to get back into something that inspired me and would feed my soul.  

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What has been your biggest obstacles as a woman, mom and business owner? 

J: Juggling all three. I’ll start off my day with Dora the Explorer, then string up Twine and Twig necklaces, go to my salon (Borealis) and style hair, and finish the day off reading Goodnight Moon. There is never a dull moment in my day- but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

E: It’s very hard to balance life, things pop up like a sick child or a longer than expected conference call and the predictable schedule that I once had is no more. But with that being said its one of the most rewarding experiences growing and building a brand that has your heart and soul!

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What is your favorite aspect of your business? 

J: I love that each piece is unique- you will never run into anyone wearing your exact necklace. Our job would certainly be a lot easier if we could just sit down and make 30 of each necklace- but it keeps us fresh and creatively challenged that each necklace is its own design. 

E: I appreciate the creative energy that goes into each necklace. Each one has its own personality and I love seeing the ones that people choose. It’s also pretty incredible to think that women (and a few men) across the country are wearing our designs.

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Anything you would like women who aspire to start their own business to know? 

J: If you have the passion and love for what you are creating- then everything else will follow.

E: Just go for it. There is never going to be the perfect time where everything lines up just right, so instead of waiting for the stars to align— just jump in and go for it! But make sure you LOVEwhat you are doing. Its overwhelmingly time consuming to start your own business so you have to truly be passionate about your work in order for it to work.

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 What is the one thing you wish someone had told you about designing your own line?

J: That 2am would come back into my life again….first college, then feeding babies, now its stringing necklaces!!

E: I actually read this quote on Instagram last night and find it perfect…. “Dear beautiful, fabulous, amazing, talented girl : GO TO BED. The world can still be conquered tomorrow!” You never get to an appropriate stopping point so there is always something to do. You just have to stop sometimes and take a break or go to bed. Its hard to walk away, but sometimes a mental break to clear the mind!

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What Are Your Personal Favorite Pieces?

J: I still have the first necklace we made on our signature suede strap- I would have to say that it is my favorite. I love seeing where we started and where the line has changed and evolved to since the launch.

E: I truly cannot choose just one. Each one is unique and handcrafted by one of us that its impossible to pick. Over the winter I was always sporting a limited luxe double tip, but this spring I am sure I will have on one of our signature shell designs as well as some very tribal inspired pieces that we are launching soon. Stay tuned…

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What is next for twine and twig?

J:  Right now we are working on our spring collection that will launch soon…and we are already brainstorming and researching ideas for fall. Elizabeth strengths are my weaknesses and vice versa- so we balance each other out really well and make a great team. I would not have done this with anyone but my sister!

E: We are launching our new website in a few weeks where you can shop online which will be great for people who do not have a retail location nearby. We also have a higher end very tribal inspired line that will hopefully be coming later this year. We are constantly throwing out new, fresh ideas. We truly believe the best is yet to come!

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Check out this sneak peek of shells and turquoise coming for in the new line for Spring….

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I especially love the kids lines, Little Twigs with tassels and carved animals!  So darling!

Don’t you already love these two?  Proof that dreams and visions can become reality, if you are willing to work hard.
Follow Twine & Twig on their social channels to keep up with what these two fabulous girls are doing:

For a list of Boutiques that sell   
Twine & Twig click here!

I bought mine locally at Doll Boutique on Selwyn
here in Charlotte.  If there isn’t a boutique near your selling them call Trish and she will ship one to you! 
(704) 910-5314
(all photographs courtesy of Twine & Twig unless noted)
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and who knows what goodies I’ll find!
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