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Warning before viewing!  I do solemnly swear not to ever attempt acting of any sort.  After seeing myself on camera, I have a call in to the best speech coach on the planet  and plastic surgeon on the planet.  No, really all kidding aside.  Do we ever like to see ourselves on camera?  No!  However, the others on the video look and sound fabulous and then I am with my southern drawl.  Boy do I look tired!  I think I need to call the spa and take a stay-cation before my trip, right?

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Oh well, enough of making fun of myself.  I was honored to be asked to participate in the video and even more honored to be part of Modenus Blogtour Vegas.   To read our complete itinerary click here.   (But don’t tell my husband, he thinks it’s all work!  teehee!)  Veronika Miller has done it again from the looks of this fantastic schedule of events.  I can’t wait!  I look forward to sharing this amazing experience with all of you! Are you wondering why you would be interested in following my exploits in Vegas?  Well, ask yourself…Do you own a home? Are you planning to own a home?  Are you currently contemplating a remodel?  New construction?  Are you a designer and want to know what’s new?  Are you a consumer and just curious?  All of those questions are valide reasons to follow along on Blogtour’s journey to KBIS!   Never heard of KBIS?  Don’t worry you can read all about it here!  Let’s just say if you are interested in kitchens and baths as a design professional, this is the place to be!  If you aren’t traveling to KBIS this year, Blogtour Las Vegas will bring KBIS to you through blog posts, and our social media channels!
  Top 5 reasons you should follow Blogtour Las Vegas
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1.  Modenus Talks –   On Feb. 3rd, from 12-4 PST Modenus will sponsor Modenus Talks
Here is how it will work:
– Our first MODENUS TALKS will be held in Las Vegas on February 3rd from 12-4pm PST(4-6 EST) with a group of 45 industry professionals including designers, remodelers, showroom owners, media and PR professionals and our supporting brands.
-During those 4 hours, we will have 4 groups facing 2 challenges: A business challenge and and a design challenge
-Winners of the challenges and transcripts of the best ideas will be published after the event
-If you can’t be in Las Vegas, join in on twitter & ask your business related questions or listen for answers to those posed in our forum.
That’s right, you will see the newest products introduced into the marketplace by the members ofBlogtour Las Vegas.
3. BEST OF KBIS – The Blogtour Team will judge the Best of KBIS and Innovation Booth Awards Submissions.  We will walk the floor and view over 60 entires up close and personal.  Can’t wait to report our findings and announce the winners!
4. NEWEST TECHNOLOGY – We will share the cutting edge technology as it is introduced at KBIS!
5. DESIGNER’S PERSPECTIVE –  As designers, Blogtour TEAM MEMBERS have a little different perspective on the products.  We can wait to share our take on what’s new, hot and trending in the marketplace.  We will cut to the chase on what we think is fabulous!
6.  OK, so I’m adding a 6th….we are going to have a blast and you don’t want to miss any of the juicy details!




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Many Thanks to our Fabulous Sponsors of 
Blogtour Las Vegas!  We couldn’t experience
 this fabulous event without all of you!!
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