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Bunny Williams Rug Collection for Dash and Albert!

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Every designer has a design idol and I make no secret that Bunny Williams is mine!  Regaled by Architectural Digest’s Top 100 Designers, as the “decorating world doyenne with a bohemian streak, this designer can create the most beautiful, yet livable rooms that withstand the test of time.  After more than two decades with the esteemed Parish-Hadley Design Firm, Bunny set up shop for herself.  Along with her celebrated design practice, Bunny also oversees her Manhattan shop, Treillage, with her husband, well known antiques dealer, John Rosselli. 

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 I had the good fortune of meeting Bunny last market, when her new line of outdoor furniture was introduced at Century Furniture.  As with all things Bunny designs, that line is exquisite.  Click here to see the collection. I asked what was her favorite piece in the collection and she said, “that’s like asking someone which one of their children is their favorite”, then she laughed and said “I especially like the square dining table because of the versatility it lends to a home.  At 54″ square it can be used alone when dining with 2-4 or in multiples for larger group”. Brilliant! She has mastered the art of creating furniture and rooms with perfect balance and functionality as well as beauty.  

I have long admired this design icon and all she represents.  When her Beeline Home furniture line first debuted at  High Point Market, I was one of the first to see what beauty she had created.  She did not disappointed!   Having just returned to my practice after a three year sabbatical from grieving over the loss of my son, Bunny’s new line inspired me to stay in the game.  It reminded me how much I appreciate beautiful furniture and interiors. When I  get my own kitchen renovation complete, I plan to incorporate Bunny’s beautiful Harvest Table below!  The dimensions are perfect for my breakfast room!

(click the title to see the Bunny Williams Harvest Table I adore….)
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Harvest Table by Bunny Williams
Isn’t this table a work of art?  I just love it.  It’s new fresh yet, timeless.  I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it.  If I decide I want to change tables, this table would be great in almost any room of my house.   
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I do own a piece of Bunny Williams Home thanks to Bunny and the sponsored giveaway on The Glitter Guide I won this beautiful black and white marbleized lamp!  
I love it and everyday when I pass it I think of Bunny and her kindness.  She is not one to generally promote herself as is evident with the “About” section of her website.  If you will notice it says “About Us” not “About Me”, which I find very telling about this designer and how she operates.  It is obvious she feels her work is the result of of a team effort, even though we all know that she is the design visionary behind the company.  How amazing would it be to be part of her team?  Yes, Miles Redd said it was amazing!   She is definitely one designer that I would chose to have dinner with if I could pick.  I find her fascinating.  Not to mention that she is a dog lover and has rescued many dogs.  It’s only fitting that she and Annie Selke,whom I also adore, would collaborate given their design talents and love of their dogs.
I was thrilled yesterday when I received notice of Bunny’s collaboration with Dash and Albert for an indoor/outdoor rug collection.  Have you seen this?  Like all things Bunny, it’s fabulous!  Take a peek if you haven’t already! 


I am thrilled to launch my new collection of indoor/outdoor rugs with Dash & Albert and pillows and throws with Pine Cone Hill. As a person who believes that no space in your house should be too special not to be used, and who lets her dogs have the run of the house, I love the practicality of the performance-based, outdoor-friendly rugs. Made of recycled materials, they are washable and yet they have the most wonderful hand. And, the porch rug collection, made of jute, is just divine! I loved working with Pine Cone Hill to translate the colors and patterns of my travels to a collection of pillows and throws that look good in just about every room of your home.
How do I know that they look good in every room of your home? Well, for a week in December CEO of Dash & Albert and Pine Cone Hill, dynamo Annie Selke, and her team took over John’s and my home in Punta Cana to shoot the 2014 catalog. The photos are just amazing – perfectly capturing my design vision and the ease with which you can live with these products in your home. Creating a catalog like this required a lot of hard work; the crew was diligent, arriving early in the morning and not leaving until past dark, setting up multiple shots in advance so the photographer could move from shot to shot without wasted time, and often playing the role of animal handler to get our not so obedient dogs to pose.
But, with the work was fun. Like . . .
Walking through our gardens
Taking a quick dip in the ocean before lunch
Bob and John
Watching Bob-the-dog smooch John
4That time when the blue-and-white headrest might have drank some of Annie’s daiquiri?! Or, the time when the crew might have had one too many daiquiris and ended up in the pool with only elephant ear leaves to cover them!
Please be sure to check out and shop the indoor/outdoor rugs and the pillows and throws online. And, if you’re in NYC, come by Treillage (418 East 75th Street) to view the collections in person.
Make sure you check out all the beautiful and affordable Dash and Albert Rugs by Bunny Williams!!!!
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The Cooper rug would be fab in a bedroom, den, mountain house, kitchen,
breakfast room….& I could go on and on….
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