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10 Must Have Items for Your Desk & 5 New Organizational Goals

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What does your desk look like?  Does it a portray an organized life or a mix matched mess?
Do you change things around or keep the same objects for a hundred years?  I must admit that I have been guilty of keep the same objects but this year I am cleaning up and replacing my tired desk objects for fresh happy pieces.  I am also implementing some new organizational procedures I thought I would share with you. 


(click on the title to see the “must have” items for your desk and learn more…)
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I am recovering from the flu and all I can think about is getting organized.  While lying in bed, I perused a few websites and found somethings to order to pretty up my desk area in my kitchen.  It is such a catch all that it drives me crazy.  I don’t like piles or messes.  Mentally a messy pile just weighs me down does it you?  Here are some of my favorite things I ordered for my desk and thought you might like them too.  I especially love the cup trio above painted in the cute green and white pattern.  I plan to keep my stapler, new personalized white pencils and my paperclips in it.  
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2.Document Box $25
I asked my uber organized friend, Betsey how she corrals mail and she said that she keeps a box on her desk for it so I went box shopping.  I like these boxes with the attached top.  I figure if I have too much mail for the box, I need to throw something away.  I’m getting the pink one for me and the gray one for my husband.
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3. File Folders Set of 6 for $8.50
These file folders are fun and will be nice inside of the box to keep things separated.  I have never cared for beige anything so why should i have beige folders, right?
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4.Financial Organizer $12
My accountant and my husband are going to be thrilled with this purchase!  It is a financial organizer!  I have an online version that I always plan to use but don’t always do the best job!  This one will force me to do it monthly and even has pockets for receipts which will be nice!
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5. Kate Spade Erasers Set of 4 for $14.00
Kate Spade always knows how to make chores seem fun!  I couldn’t resist these cute erasers.  
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6. Kate Spade Bow Paper Clips $12
Ok, are these seriously cute or what? Bow Paper clips!  Yes please!
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7. Kate Spade Bow Push Pins Set $24.99
Then of course I had to also have the Bow stick pins!  These will be perfect for my inspiration board that will hang over my new desk ( more on that later)
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8. Borrower Reminder Cards $5.50 pkg

I was shopping over at See Jane Work, which is one of my all time favorite sites for all things office and organization and found these Borrower Reminder Cards!  Hello!  Where have you been all my life?  If I had found these in college I might know where my add a bead necklace went?  Haha!  Just kidding,  I think I’ll start issuing these to my kids when they borrow my iphone cord or earplugs! LOL!  

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9.Year of Gratitude $30

I also loved this box of Gratitude cards.  I am working really hard at being more grateful this year and showing my gratitude to others.  This box contains 52 cards which are perfect for prompting me to write at least 52 thank you notes this year!  

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10. Russell + Hazel Acrylic Tape Dispenser $24.99

Isn’t this acrylic tape dispenser the coolest?  It makes me want to wrap presents! 

I hope you like my desk organizing products.  Let me know what you use to organize your desk.  It is the new year and you know what they say….out with the old and in with the new!

Here are My 5 New Organizational Goals too!

1) I will sort the mail the minute I get it out of the mailbox and will throw anything I don’t want in the recycling bin on my way in the house i.e. junk mail, flyers, etc.

2) No more lost invitations!
 From now one, I will take a picture of the invitation with my phone and upload to my “secret” Pinterest board titled “Invitations” and things to keep up with!  If it is a virtual file cabinet why not, right?

3) I have purchased a box and labeled it “Lost and Found” – now when I find something on the table, counter or floor it goes in there til the end of the week and then on Friday it gets tossed.  Everyone will be reminded to look in lost and found before Friday otherwise too bad so sad.  I am tired of hanging on everyone’s junk.  I am also tired of items left on the counter in the kitchen and expected to be there for weeks on end (Did you hear me hubs?)

4.  I have designated places for everything on the shelves in the storage closet and in the kitchen drawers  – Part of the reason things get lost is because there isn’t a particular spot for them. Now there is.

5.  We are having family meeting every Sunday night to go over what needs to happen in the home.  Chores are being distributed on a rotating basis.  Any infraction will result in loss of privileges.  Yes sir, there is a new sheriff in town and her name is Lisa.  She is taking names and kicking bad habits!  Watch out!  

P.S.  this has nothing to do with desk but since my goal this year is to give my readers more than they expect, I’m throwing in a freebie…..when I was shopping on Work Jane Work, I found this….

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A flat iron case! yay!  Now I don’t have to worry if my flat iron is still a little warm when I have to pack it.  No more burning silk blouses! 

Check out See Jane Work for more goodies!

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