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The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Cabinet Hardware!

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Have you been thinking about updating your kitchen?  If so, one of the easiest ways is by changing the hardware.  Are you building a new house and can’t decide which hardware to choose?  Join me over at Interior Canvas for My Ultimate Guide to Choosing Kitchen Hardware.  I’ll share some of my favorite styles as well as online places you can order samples to try in your own home. 
  While there take time to check out this amazing blog.  The editors, Anna Kristin Yarbrough and Cameron Weaver do a fabulous job of bringing a wealth of information to their readers! Anna Kristin, a real estate agent, now lives in Nashville, Tn but at one time was a Charlottean like me. Cameron was born in Texas, lived and studied at Christies in Paris and now lives in California.  The two met while both were living in Nashville.  They started the blog in 2011 and the rest is history!
 Make sure to take time to peruse their site for a plethora of valuable information from the pros.  With extensive backgrounds ranging from real estate to decorative arts, these two ladies will keep you well informed on the world of interior design. 
Click here to access my guide on Interior Canvas blog:
Thank You Interior Canvas for allowing me to guest post!
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