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The Gary Inman Collection for Moore Councill & A Color Surprise!!

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I want to introduce you to one of my favorite new collections by designer, Gary Inman for Moore Councill introduced at the October High Point Market.  This collection is proof positive that when good people with great design aesthetics meet, amazing things can happen!
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.  Located at 200 N. Hamilton St, in the design district, Moore Councill Showroom is a must stop for designers when visiting High Point Market.  The showroom is always so beautifully designed.  Moore and his team are a delight to work with.   
This past market, Moore Councill introduced a fabulous collection by designer Gary Iman of Richmond, Virginia.  Gary is an award winning designer, author, and speaker.  He has been published in many national publications such as The Washington Post, Southern Accents, Traditional Home, Hotel Design, Fine Interiors and more.  He writes The Art of Fine Living blog, where he shares musings about living well via design.   The collection, inspired by high fashion, is only four pieces strong, but I think you will agree those four pieces are well designed, functional and fabulous.  I spoke with Gary via email and he shared in his own words the design inspiration for each piece. 
Here is Gary’s collection for Moore Councill.
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This celadon tufted chest has  geometric patterns based on English knot gardens (parterres). It was named  after Lord Grantham, who so perfectly embodies the English gentleman. The nailhead detail on this chest is simply elegant.  When I view a new collection I almost always choose a favorite, but this time it was a little difficult.  I  especially liked  the Grantham chest (shown here), but equally loved the Cary chest which I’ll show you next. 
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 This handsome piece was  inspired by the debonair Cary Grant.  It is Gary’s dream gentleman’s chest in grey cashmere stain on mahogany with grey pinstripe fabric on the drawers fronts and end panels. 
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The hardware was recast from vintage art deco pulls in a striped octagon format that is reminiscent  of Cary Grant’s cuff links.
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The drawers interiors are lacquered in vibrant red to connotate Cary Grant’s red silk pocket squares.  It’s attention to details like this that make Gary’s collection extra special. 
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There are compartments for ties, watches, glasses, and cuff links.  I can’t imagine any man not coveting this chest!  Organization plus great design!  

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Next, we have the Collette coffee table.  This leather table was inspired by the iconic Birkin handbag, as you can see in the photograph. The leather is from Moore & Giles and is a caviar grain leather in three trendy yet timeless color options of sky blue, celadon green, and ecru.  This piece could also be used in a pair at the foot of a bed. If you are like me you might not be able to afford the actual “Birkin” but with this table you can get the next best thing!
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 Last, but certainly not least, is the Gabrielle Demilune. This fab piece is named for Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, Gary’s self professed design goddess and hero.  It is in lovely mahogany   with a sunburst pattern, ebony inlay, gold leaf accents, and a 2.55 chain inspired stretcher.  The picture does not do this piece justice. You must see in this piece person to appreciates its beautiful craftsmanship.  It’s the perfectly sized for an foyer, hallway, or used as a pair in a dining room.
This the entire collection.  Which piece is your favorite?   
Paint Color Surprise
I have a little extra surprise for you too.  Do you like the paint colors used in the show room pictures above? So many times I go in showrooms and like the colors.  When I ask they often say, the designer chose them and we have no idea what they are.   Well, since Gary was the designer, I decided I would ask him if he would share the colors chosen for the walls.  
 He kindly obliged.  Here is his response:
“Thank you, I did choose the colors with Jenni Booth, Moore Councill’s design director.
 Jenni is a delight to work with. The emerald green was inspired by the dress from “Atonement” the color is Ben Moore Cat’s Eye 2036-10; the Tiffany inspired color is Refreshing Teal 2039-70 again by Ben Moore, and the lavender color is called Spring Lilac 1388.  I was very pleased with the results. As you know if takes good instincts and a great deal of fashion watching to predict the next wave of colors but I felt we were spot on this season.” – Gary Inman
Moore Councill continued…
If you aren’t already familiar with Moore Councill please take a minute and visit their website here.  They have a fabulous line of beautiful furniture. Here are some of my favorite pieces from Moore Councill :
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1. Beveled glass cabinet  2. Hardison Side Chair  3. Round Leather & Metal Table 
4. Leather Nailhead Cube  5. Global Cocktail Table  6. Leather & Metal Sofa Table

But my all time favorite piece…..
Has to be The “Lisa Console” which they so graciously named after me!
Can you believe that?  Yes they did!  Thank You Moore and Staff!

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“The Lisa Console”

I need this!  I want it!  It is perfect for my dining room!!!  Here’s hoping Santa hears me and delivers one to my door on Christmas morning!  If I get it, I promise to do an entire blog post about it!  Please Santa?

These pieces are just a tiny bit of the goodness found at Moore Councill. 
 Pop over and check out the rest!  

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