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Special Permission To Get The Gift of Your Dreams!!

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I have a solution for those worried you aren’t going to get your dream gift!  Simply 
print this on card stock, wrap and stick under the tree with a tag that reads To:_________(your name)   From: Santa!  

{keep reading to find out more…}

This way you are guaranteed to get something you want and it releases those loved ones from being responsible for your happiness at Christmas!   

  There you go!  Permission to purchase at least one something of your choice!

The gifts we receive from our loved ones are often bought haphazardly without direction to what we really want, but still purchased with love and good wishes in mind.  When you open that “gift with a cord” do not despair, thing of the love behind the gift and then secretly smile knowing Santa has given you permission to purchase your own gift after Christmas when it’s on sale, so you might even be able to buy a couple of things! 
( As my friend Jason Oliver Nixon would say…(Wink!)


Enjoy your Christmas with loved ones and remember…
Christmas doesn’t have to be just one day, you can carry Christmas in 
your heart all year long.
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And of course it wouldn’t be Christmas Eve if we didn’t watch my favorite
Budweiser Commercial.  
Merry Christmas…Now go hang your stockings and finish wrapping your gifts!!!
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