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My Top 8 Favorite Emerald Green Paint Colors – Perfect Paints Portfolio

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With Christmas upon us, I decided that Emerald Green was a shoe in for my
” Perfect Paints Portfolio” this week!  
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Emerald Green has definitely been the “Cinderella” of the color ball this year!  Emerald 17-5641  was chosen as the Pantone “Color of the Year” for 2013 as everyone knows, has heard and may be sick of hearing.  The truth is almost everyone loves a great emerald green.   It’s certainly not a new color having been discovered in 1814, but each time it gets the spotlight everyone gets excited.  If you are truly an emerald green lover like me, you never tire of it and will always find ways to sneak a little of it in a room.  It seems to bring life to a room the same way a plant does.  I would be remiss if I left 2013 and did’t do a post on my favorite emerald greens, so here goes!
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1“Argyle” Sherwin Williams SW6747     2. “Seaweed” Benjamin Moore 2035-10
3. “Ming Jade” Benjamin Moore # 2043-20    4. “Key West Green” Ralph Lauren  RLIB215
5. “Amazon Moss” Benjamin Moore #2037-10    6. “Yellow Green” Benjamin Moore
 # 2033-10     7. “Clover Green” Benjamin Moore #2034-10
(p.s. there is one more favorite at the bottom of this post)
The greens I chose range from deep, rich emerald green of  Benjamin Moore’s Amazon Moss to lighter more limey green like Benjamin Moore’s Yellow Green(some might argue this is more kelly green, but I say it’s borderline) with variations in between depending on the undertone you wish to have in your room or on your furniture.  Often, deep emerald green is best used on an accent wall or as a painted piece of statement furniture, but the true professional or those good with color, can get away with painting an entire room in this luscious color. 
Want to know a couple of pointers for painting an entire room  a saturated color
 like emerald green ?
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Credit David Cafiero on Lonny
1. Paint all the wood work in the room crisp white  It’s important to bring
light in the room when you use a strong color.  In this bedroom, not only is the wood
 work painted white, but the fabrics have a light background and the room has a large
window which offers light through natural form and in the amount of woodwork
which frames the window.  The frame of the chair is also painted white.
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2. Use light furnishings The bed in this emerald bedroom is dressed in white.
When you have a large object in the room in white, it keeps the walls from
 appearing too dark.  Notice the artwork used has a lot of white in it as well.
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Via Furbish
3. Use oversized art with a lot of white in it.   In this particular example, Jamie Meares, not only used art with white, but also with red which happens to be green’s complementary color.
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(in other words use white to temper the strong green)
Forget I said white…use black, no use black and white together!
4.  Adding black with the white allows the green to then become an accent in a room and creates a dynamic design.   Since green and yellow are next to each other on the color wheel, the brass accents and gold ceiling were a perfect choice to add another layer of sparkle to this room. 
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Door is Seaweed Green

6. Paint your front door emerald green!
Don’t even get me started on green doors….Like the color, but don’t think you can live with it indoors?  Paint your front door!  An emerald green front door looks so pretty with a wreath on it  for most holidays like Christmas, St Patty’s Day, Valentine’s Day and in the spring and summer with bright colors.  I’ll give you a little hint…mine might be going green soon! 
(If it does, I promise to share) 

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Via Natty by Design

7. As an accent for a piece of furniture:
It’s always good to use a saturated color like emerald green as a pop of color for the pie´ce de´ resistance  in an otherwise neutral room.  I love how this traditional piece is updated by  emerald green paint. Who says  your walls must be white to have bold colors like emerald green.  Look how pretty this desk looks on this light blue wall. 
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Via Perfectly Imperfect

Whether you choose to paint your entire room emerald green or just use it as
 an accent, I hope you will continue to enjoy the color long after 2013 is gone!


Last, but certainly not least, my very favorite emerald green is

8. Benjamin Moore “Very Green” 

(this is for those that are still arguing that Yellow Green isn’t Emerald)

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“Very Green” Benjamin Moore #2040-30  

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Happy Holidays!!!


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