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Merry Christmas to Me! Plus Tips I have learned about Spear Mounted Awnings!

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I’m so excited!  I have always loved awnings and now I am getting one over my front door and over my gazebo on my deck!  The sales rep is on the way to my house!  I already know they will be charcoal and white sunbrella custom stripes!  What style do I want?  I think I know but what doe you like?  My house is a traditional colonial.  I just changed my paint colors from creme, with white trim and black shutters to White/white with charcoal shutters and an aqua door so I think the stripe will look great and add charm.  These three styles are what I am considering. 
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I don’t want it to look too commercial.  Which do you like?

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 Tips I have learned about Spear Mounted Awnings
1) Always use Sunbrella or outdoor canvas. Sunbrella has a 10 year warranty while others like Outdura are only 5 years.  Plus they have tons of colors.
2) Consider the projection when choosing the size awning you need.  If over a doorway the door must be able to open so you must allow for the projection.  Typically about 40″ projections is fine.
3) When using the spear type awning make sure you use substantial iron so the awning can withstand strong winds.
4) Awnings provide protection from sun damage and help with energy costs if installed on a south facing facade
5) The awning should be 8″ wider than the door on both sides
6) If the awning will be 43″ or smaller it needs to be 13 1/2″above door
7) If the awning will be 72″ or larger there it to be 16 1/2″ above door.
8) A valance around the edge or on the front of the awning is typically about 7″ long
9)  Allow approx. 12″ drop from where the awning is mounted above the door. 
Here is a helpful video about how to clean awnings from PYC Awnings
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Do you have any experience with awnings?  If so, please share!  Would love any advice.  This is my first “awning experience”  !    Oops! The rep is here gotta run!  I’ll get quotes from several local companies and decide which is best. I did find this great online resource called
Happy Holidays!  Here’s wishing safe dashing around town!
P.S. I think the yellow/white stripe style above will be my #1 choice.
Can’t wait to share the before and after!
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