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What is Modenus and Why Should You Be A Part of It?

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What is Modenus?
Other than being the coolest, most comprehensive digital online resource for design professionals and enthusiasts, Modenus is also a one-stop-shop for all things design. So what does that mean to you?  

If you are a design professional, you can create a profile and showcase your latest projects,and passions.  

 If you are a consumer, you can shop for the latest in inspiring and innovative products from around the world.  

If you are a manufacturer it’s a chance for your products be shown in a globally connected community and considered among as the best in the industry.

If you are a design blogger, it’s a great place to find information to write about, it’s also gives you a chance to connect and tour the world seeing design up close and personally.  

It doesn’t matter which of the design hats you wear, Modenus has something for everyone.  It’s the “Lego” of the online design world, as it connect people across the industry. 

 The Modenus product community is carefully curated, so you aren’t culling through crap to find the best products.    If it isn’t good it isn’t on Modenus.  Modenus is all about the best of the best of in design.  

In Modenus‘s own words, it was created to “inspire and to be inspired in return.”  

What is the Force Behind Modenus?
At the very heart of Modenus is the amazingly talented Veronika Miller.  This lady had the vision to create Modenus against other’s skepticism.   She didn’t let the lack of support stop her.  Like a true a visionary leader, Veronika trudged forth on a journey to make it happen.  And make it happen she did! What she created has turned the design world on it’s ear with cries to be a part of this wonderful community.   The first blogtour reached over 600,000 people and the next close on it’s heels but the reach over one million.
 To learn more about Veronika and how she started Modenus, please read the interviews on Chatty Patti and  The Decorating Diva .  I loved reading these interview and  must say she is one of the smartest, most genuine, hardworking women I have ever met.  I am so honored to call Veronika Miller a friend.  It’s not often that you meet the “real mcoy” in an industry where so many operate from egos, but this woman is the “real deal” and more!  If she says something is going to happen, it happens, no questions asked,end of story.  I can’t wait to see what this lady has up her sleeve in years to come.  All I know, is I want to be part, of whatever it is, because I know it will be as fabulous as the lady herself. 
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Do you have questions about how to showcase your products on Modenus?  Do you need help setting up your designer or artisan portfolio?  Do you want to be a contributor?  Just call 1 (321)280-6868 USA or 44 (0) 1273-245614 UK or email Modenus at
Would you like to go on a blogtour in 2014 with Modenus?
(shhh…i’m keeping my fingers crossed for Milan)
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I would like to personally thank Veronika Miller and Modenus for sponsoring Blogtour Londonand allowing me to be one of the lucky participates.  I learned so much at the London Design Festival which changed the way I will look at design from now on.  I found new resources,made lifelong friendships and industry connections, that will benefit my
 work as a designer forever.  Thank you so much!
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