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Researchers claim that watching children play or create 
gives insight to the true essence of the person.  I had not ever given this much thought until recently when I saw the quote above.  When I was a child I adored coloring.  I remember one Easter, my basket from the Easter Bunny was filled with art supplies and honestly, it is the only Easter Basket I remember.  My mother later told me she made a quick trip to the local drug store to pick up the contents.  In our small town there weren’t that many places to shop. Just goes to show, it doesn’t matter what you give to someone as long as you know the person well enough.  I spent hours painting, drawing and creating with those art supplies.  My favorite crayon was the magenta!  I can remember when it became a nub thinking how great it would be to be able to just buy the “replacement color” because it bothered me that the nub make my box look ugly! Science may be onto something because I still love magenta, fuchsia and anything close to that color.   What was your favorite crayon as a child? Is it still a favorite color today?  Did you like to color?
Here are a few fushcia/pink things I like…
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