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Happy Halloween from Lisa Mende Design!

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Here’s hoping your Halloween is filled with lots of good treats and not 
so many tricks.  Last night when I picked my youngest up from basketball
practice at 5:45 he said, “mom when are we going to get the supplies for
my Halloween costume”? Thinking we had two days til Halloween I replied
“we can do it tomorrow”.  Wrong!!!  That’s when my sweet child reminded
me that I was one day off and he needed said costume to wear to school
tomorrow!  And this folks is when my art classes from design school kick in!
So what can we find in the garage and art cabinet to create a costume?
And the end result….
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It’s amazing how you can improvise when necessary!  Here’s hoping your
day is filled with fun and a little cheeri-o’s!
Happy Halloween to One and All!
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